Affiliated Applied Research and Development Centres


The Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation is owned by Memorial University of Newfoundland and funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The Centre provides scientific research and technology services to the fishing industry. Working closely with faculty and staff of Memorial University, the Centre provides expert assistance in the areas of aquaculture, harvesting and processing, with the aim of enhancing industry productivity and profitability. CCFI's activities also include resource conservation research, equipment development and marine biotechnology. The Centre's services are available to anyone in the fishery who wishes to overcome obstacles or meet opportunities through science and technology.

CCFI is an organization structured to meet the needs of the fishing industry quickly and efficiently. Our Industrial Liaison Officers collaborate directly with our clients to develop and execute industrially relevant research and development projects.


The organization works with industry to identify needs and then collaborates with the scientific and technological faculty and staff at the Marine Institute and Memorial University of Newfoundland to come up with ways to meet those needs. One hundred MUN scientists, technologists and engineers are available to carry out research in all scientific and engineering fields. CCFI works to ensure that the initiatives are organized, on time, and address the specific needs of the industry clients. The Centre also funds projects, when required.

The Centre's research and development projects cover all areas of importance to the fishery and aquaculture industries:

With strong representation from industry, our Board of Directors oversees the direction and mandate of the Centre to ensure that our work is always relevant to the needs of the fishery.


Mr. I.J. Reid, Chairman
President, Reid Newfoundland Company

Mr. G. Blackwood
Managing Director
Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation

Mr. D. Bonnell
Head, School of Fisheries
Marine Institute

Mr. R. Comerford
Director General, Business Programmes
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Dr. K. Keough
Vice-President, Research
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mr. D.J. King
President, Seabright Corporation

Mrs. M.L. Peters
Mary Lou Peters and Associates Ltd.
St. John's

Mr. D. Barrett
Fish Harvester
Old Perlican

Mr. R. Bulmer
President, Fisheries Council of Canada

Mrs. J. Caines
Scallop Hatchery

Mr. M. Comeau
President, Comeau's Sea Foods Limited

Mr. J. Mercer
Program Planning and Coordination
Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Dr. R. Foxall

Mr. D. Green
E.J. Green and Company Limited

Mr. G. Gregory
Vice-President (Atlantic Operations)
Fishery Products International Limited

Mr. B. Janes
P. Janes and Sons

Mr. P. McDonald
President, Sea Crest Limited

Mr. A. O'Rielly
Fisheries Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

Dr. E.M. Reimer
President, Canpolar East Inc.

Mr. B. Rogers
Director, Business Programs, National Sea Products

Mr. W. Thompson
General Manager
New Brunswick Salmon Growers' Association

Mr. D. Walsh
President, Atlantic Ocean Farms

Mr. B. Wareham
Vice-President, Newfoundland Operations
National Sea Products Ltd.

Mr. F. Woodman Sr.
Fisheries Resource Conservation Council

Mr. J. Woodworth
Area Coordinator, Fish Harvesting Resource Centre


Managing Director
Blackwood, G., B.Sc.(Hons.), M.A. Memorial

Executive Assistant
Horan, C., B.A. Memorial

Industrial Liaison Officer for Harvesting and Processing
Carter, B., B.Comm. Memorial

Industrial Liaison Officer for Aquaculture

Secretarial Officer
Brophy, A.

Financial Officer
Martin, R., B.Comm.(Hons.) Memorial

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