Statement of Academic Purpose

The Fisheries and Marine Institute has a number of academic roles described in the legislation establishing the Institute as a component of the University. It provides degree, diploma, certificate and other programmes in the areas of fisheries and marine science and technology; it provides for the upgrading and enhancement of the fisheries and marine labour force in cooperation with the College of the North Atlantic, and it provides for applied research and technology transfer.

All programmes and courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for success in the workforce. The advice of industrial programme advisory committees is sought in the ongoing development of longer programmes, while short courses are designed to meet specific industry needs. Whenever appropriate, programmes are submitted for national accreditation, providing graduates with mobility in professional employment

Three year and two year programmes include the Provincial Common First Year for applied science and engineering technologies, developed and introduced by the Marine Institute in 1990. The Common First Year reflects the need for technology programme graduates to possess an understanding of core science and mathematics concepts, which are fundamental to technology specific knowledge and skills. Technologists graduating from three year programmes will have developed the ability to apply their learning to the solution of technological problems.

Overall, the Marine Institute is committed to providing a learning environment in which students can achieve to their full potential. It endeavors to design and deliver programmes that provide graduates with highly competitive skills and abilities. It encourages excellence in teaching and learning, and seeks to provide the industrial community with relevant, high quality, applied research and technology transfer.

Non-Degree Programmes

Details of the non-degree programmes and courses of the Marine Institute are contained in a separate Fisheries and Marine Institute Calendar.

Degree Programmes

The Marine Institute offers a Bachelor of Maritime Studies degree, with two options: Marine Engineering Technology and Nautical Science Technology and a Bachelor of Technology degree. It also offers a Master of Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management) programme and, together with the Faculty of Science and the Ocean Sciences Centre, a Master of Science in Aquaculture, both through the School of Graduate Studies.

General Regulations

Regulations and fees for the non-degree programmes of the Marine Institute which differ from those governing the University's degree programmes are described in the separate Fisheries and Marine Institute Calendar.

Beyond the regulations and requirements specific to the Degree Programmes at the Marine Institute, students will be governed by the General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate) as laid down in this University Calendar.

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