Bose, N., B.Sc., Ph.D. Glasgow, C.Eng., P.Eng.; Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research, 1992-93; Director; Chair, Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

Reneé Fitzgerald, Secretary



Bass, D.W., B.Sc. Hull, Cert.Ed. London, M.Phil. Birkbeck College, Ph.D. Warwick

Booton, M., B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Toronto, P.Eng.

Bose, N., B.Sc., Ph.D. Glasgow, C.Eng., P.Eng.; Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research, 1992-93; Chair, Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

Friis, D.A., B.Sc. Newcastle, M.B.A. Toronto, Siv.Ing., P.Eng.

Haddara, M.R., B.Sc. Ain-Shams, M.S., Ph.D. Berkeley, C.Eng., P.Eng.; Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research)

Hookey, N.A., B.Eng. Memorial, M.Eng., Ph.D. McGill, P.Eng.

Jordaan, I.J., B.Sc.(Eng.), M.Sc.(Eng.) Witwatersrand, Ph.D. London, C.Eng., P.Eng.; University Research Professor, Awarded 1997

Marzouk, H.M., B.Sc. Cairo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Sask., FCSCE, P.Eng.

Molgaard, J., B.Sc. Belfast, Ph.D. Leeds, P.Eng.; Chair, Mechanical Engineering

Sabin, G.C.W., B.Sc., M.Sc. Simon Fraser, Ph.D. Windsor, P.Eng.; Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

Sharp, J.J., B.Sc., A.R.C.S.T., M.Sc. Glasgow, Ph.D. Strathclyde, F.I.C.E., F.C.S.C.E., F.EIC, P.Eng., C.Eng.

Sinha, B.P., B.Sc., M.Sc. Patna, M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Waterloo, P.Eng.

Swamidas, A.S.J., B.E.(Hons.), M.Sc.(Eng.) Madras, Ph.D., I.I.T. Madras, P.Eng.

Williams, F.M., B.A. Toronto, Ph.D. Simon Fraser, NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering

Associate Professors

Daley, C.G., B.E.Sc. Western Ontario, M.S.E. Princeton, Dr. Tech. Helsinki, P.Eng.

Gosine, R.G., B.Eng. Memorial, Ph.D. Cambridge, P.Eng.; Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research, 1997-98, Petro-Canada Young Innovator, 1998

Hinchey, M.J., B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Toronto, P.Eng.

Krein, H.L., B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Waterloo, P.Eng.

Munaswamy, K., B.Eng., M.Tech., Ph.D. I.I.T. Madras, P.Eng.

Phillips, R., B.Sc.(Hons.) Bristol, M.Phil.(Eng.), Ph.D.(Eng.) Cambridge, P.Eng.

Assistant Professors

Veitch, B.J., B.Eng., M.Eng. Memorial, L.Tech., Dr.Tech. Helsinki; Terra Nova Research Chair in Ocean Environmental Risk Engineering

Adjunct Professors

Baddour, E., B.Sc.(Hons.)(Mech.Eng.), B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc. Alexandria, Ph.D. Reading; (NRC-Institute for Marine Dynamics)

Bobby, W., B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D., IIT Madras; (Canada - Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board)

Chari, T.R., B.Eng. Madras, M.Tech. Kharagpur, Ph.D. Memorial, P.Eng.

Colbourne, D.B., B.Eng. Memorial, S.M. M.I.T., Ph.D. Memorial, P.Eng. (NRC - Institute for Marine Dynamics)

Croasdale, K.R., B.Sc. London; P.Eng. (K.R. Croasdale & Associates Ltd.)

Frederking, R.M.W., B.Eng. Alberta, M.Sc. London, Ph.D. Illinois, P.Eng.; (Canadian Hydraulics Centre, NRC)

Guigné, J.Y., B.Sc. Winnipeg, D.A.M.Sc. Swansea, M.Sc. Wales, Ph.D. Bath; President's Award for Outstanding Research, Awarded 1990

Jones, S.J., B.Sc., Ph.D. Birmingham; (NRC-Institute for Marine Dynamics)

Kosar, K.M., B.Sc. British Columbia, M.Sc., Ph.D. Alberta; (EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.)

McKenna, R., B.Sc. Queen's, M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Waterloo; (C-CORE)

Monahan, C.C., B.Eng., M.Eng. Memorial, Ph.D. London, P.Eng. (HMDC)

Muggeridge, D.B., B.Sc. California, M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Toronto, P.Eng.; University Research Professor, Awarded 1990

Saoudy, S.A.S., B.Sc.(Eng.), B.Sc.(Phys.), M.Eng. Cairo, Ph.D. Manitoba

Timco, G.W., B.Sc. Brock, M.Sc., Ph.D. Western; (Canadian Hydraulics Centre, NRC)

Walker, D., B.Eng., Ph.D, Memorial, P.Eng. (Marineering Ltd.)

Williams, C., B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. British Columbia, P.Eng.; (NRC-Institute for Marine Dynamics)

Engineering Technologists

Gries, K., Engineering Laboratory Manager

Kuzcora, A., Wave/Tow Tank

Sparkes, D., Fluids Lab


The Ocean Engineering Research Centre was established in 1969 with the initial financial support of the National Research Council of Canada through a negotiated development grant. This Centre became a focus of the effort to establish Ocean Engineering as a new research and educational field in Canada. Today Memorial University is the only university in Canada that offers the B.Eng. degree in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering and the M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in Ocean Engineering.

The Centre is involved in research, development and consulting with application to most aspects of ocean engineering, including the offshore and naval architecture industries. Scale model experiments, numerical modelling, software development and structural testing are some of the activities within the Centre. Areas of research include marine hydrodynamics and wave structure interaction; sea ice mechanics, iceberg and ice structure interaction; risk analysis in offshore systems; naval architectural aspects including vessel motions, propulsion and small craft problems; ocean monitoring, acoustics, geotechnology and instrumentation. In house facilities include a 58m towing/wave tank, structures laboratory, cold rooms as well as a variety of smaller equipment. Access is available, through a Memorandum of Understanding, to the international class facilities of the Institute for Marine Dynamics of the National Research Council of Canada.


The Centre is an integral part of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The active research and contract work of the faculty members within, and those cross-appointed to the Faculty, forms the basis of the programmes in the Centre.

The Centre has close ties with the Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering (C-CORE) in the form of joint appointments of faculty. The Centre works with other marine research units of the University such as the Ocean Sciences Centre and the Newfoundland and Labrador Institute of Fisheries and Marine Technology. Equally close relations are maintained with the Institute for Marine Dynamics (IMD) of the National Research Council of Canada (on campus). Several ocean related departments of the provincial and federal governments have regular interaction with the Ocean Engineering Research Centre.

In 1995 the Centre took over the Secretariat of the Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources, ECOR. The Director of the OERC acts as the Executive Director of ECOR. ECOR's purpose is to provide an international focus and forum for engineering activities and interests in ocean technology and associated fields; and to further international engineering initiatives pertaining to the management and exploitation of oceanic resources. ECOR and the OERC jointly publish the international research journal Oceanic Engineering International.

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