K.W. Nicholls; Director
M.A. Bishop; Research Liaison
D. Janes; Events Co-ordinator & Office Manager
A.M. Madden; Interpretation Coordinator
C.P. White; Head Gardener
P.J. Owens, Jr.; Grounds Maintenance Foreman

Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden, Mount Scio Road, comprises five acres of cultivated gardens and 105 acres of natural habitat including 14-acre Oxen Pond. The main objectives are to stimulate public interest and enjoyment of the Newfoundland flora, fauna and environment; to provide opportunities for biological, ecological, and horticultural education for the general public, school children and other organized groups; and to provide an area for research.

An interpretative programme is designed to provide information on Newfoundland plants, animals, and horticulture to the general public. A series of interpretive booklets is produced on topics relating to horticulture, Newfoundland plants, smaller animals and ecology. A field centre houses indoor displays and a lecture room. Numerous nature trails are maintained through the various habitats within the Garden. Rock gardens, peat beds, woodland beds, a cottage garden, heritage garden, wildlife garden, and herbaceous border have been developed. There is a regular programme of visits to the Botanical Garden by school children.

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