Chairman, Advisory Committee
Dean T. Murphy

Martin J. Lovelace

Philip Hiscock

Honorary Research Associate (Folklore)
(Mrs.) Violetta M. Halpert

Honorary Research Associate (Language and Folklore)
J.D.A. Widdowson (Director of the Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language, University of Sheffield)

The Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive was a joint creation of the Departments of Folklore and English. It was set up to co-ordinate diverse research in Newfoundland studies undertaken in both Departments, to facilitate the mutual use of common material, to organize it for research and publication, and to make a permanent documented record for future generations. The Folklore and Language Archive is an integral part of the teaching and research activities of the Department of Folklore on both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The Archive comprises extensive collections of Newfoundland and Labrador folksongs and music, folk narratives of many kinds, oral history, folk customs, beliefs and practices, childlore and descriptions of material culture. It has special collections of the Newfoundland vocabulary, proverbs and riddles and collections towards a linguistic atlas. The materials have been collected by a variety of means: by questionnaires, by student contributions in manuscript, by extensive field work utilizing tape recorders, and by searching printed sources.

The Archive is housed in the G.A. Hickman Building. Associated with it is a recording room, with facilities for copying tapes and records and for the making of recordings. The specially excerpted collection in language is housed in the English Language Research Centre of the Department of English. Newfoundland French language and folklore materials are housed in the Centre d'Etudes Franco-Terreneuviennes in the Department of Folklore. Each Department has a working library associated with the archival material.

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