International Student Admission

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High School Applicants

To be eligible for admission as an International high school student, you must have graduated from a recognized university preparatory program with acceptable senior level courses in the five subject areas, which normally include:

  • English,
  • mathematics,
  • a laboratory science,
  • a social science
  • and one other subject area.

Admission requirements and may vary depending on the educational system(s) in place in your country. August 2016: A new site outlining application and admission requirements, by country, including details about:

  • Credentials, certificates, or transcripts required; 
  • Subject areas and minimum grades; 
  • English proficiency; and
  • Document submission requirements

is currently under construction. Please check back here on or after October 1, 2016. In the meantime, please contact with any specific questions.

Transfer Applicants

Students transferring from post-secondary institutions are required to be in good standing at the end of their final semester at their former institution.

In addition to the Application for Admission and application processing fee, the following supporting documentation is required:

Your documents should be submitted as soon possible following the submission of your application in order to facilitate speedy assessment of your transfer of credit eligibility.

Note: Following confirmation of admission eligibility and receipt of an official course outline/syllabus for each course completed at post secondary institutions recognized by Memorial University for the purpose of transfer of credit, the Admissions Office will commence a transfer credit evaluation of the students' post secondary record.

Apply early

International applicants are advised to apply early.

The application deadlines for general admission and for specific programs do not account for any additional time it may take for international students to complete the process of supplying documentation or applying for travel or study documents from the Canadian government (embassy or consulate.)

It is recommended that all international students submit their application and supporting documents at least four months prior to the semester for which they are seeking admission.

International Student Advising

The International Student Advising Office offers a variety of services for new and current international students at Memorial.