Advice for Current Memorial University Students

Students are considered to be "Current" when they meet the University's general undergraduate continuance and readmission requirements.

Current students need not apply to maintain their active student status at Memorial or to declare/request a change to their program of study unless their desired program requires submission of a Supplementary Faculty or School Application for Admission/Readmission Form.

If you are a current Memorial University Student, use Memorial Self-Service (Admission menu) only to request admission to a faculty, school, or program that requires submission of a supplementary application. To request any other change to your program of study, please do not use the online application form. Further advice is provided below.

If you were previously admitted to Memorial, or registered for courses previously but have not registered for three or more semesters, use Memorial Self-Service (Admission menu) to request readmission to the University.

If you are new to Memorial University, please see the application and admission advice and link to the online applicaiton for admission/readmission that is provided here.

Faculty/School Admission

All supplementary Faculty or School Applications for Admission/Readmission are available, and should be submitted, online. Current, returning, or previously admitted students can access these via Memorial Self-Service (Admissions menu).

Some faculty or school applications may also require the submission of other supporting documents. Admission to these programs and related communication is handled by the Faculty or School that offers the program.

For further information, see the Faculties and Schools link at left.

Verify or Declare/Change Academic Program

You can view your current program of study online on Memorial Self-Service under the Academic Information Menu.

Request or declare a change in your campus or your academic program (degree, major, or minor) for any program other than those requiring a supplementary application form by using the appropriate Declare/Change Academic Program form and following the instructions provided on each form.

General Continuance and Readmission

Inactive students (not registered for three or more consecutive semesters) must apply for readmission in order to have their registration eligibility assessed. Please see general regulation 5.10 in the online University Calendar for details.

Still not sure if you should submit an online or paper application? Contact us at and we will be happy to advise you.