I've Applied....What Next?

1. Application Received!

Once your application for admission has been received by the Office of the Registrar, your Memorial University Student ID will be confirmed or created. Any application documents that have been received already are attached to your application.

If you apply online, your Application Summary and Credit Card Receipt are your confirmation that your application has been submitted successfully and will be processed by the Registrar's Office. Applications are normally processed in the order that they are received.

The Registrar's Office will contact you by e-mail, using the address supplied on your application, to acknowledge receipt of your application once processing has begun. This e-mail message will link you to important information for applicants and new students to Memorial University and will confirm your:

  • Student identification number.
  • Program of study requested.
  • Personal address and other contact information.

Transcripts and other documents required for applicaitons are received daily and are matched with each related application as soon as possible after they arrive.

2. How long does it take to receive and process my application for admission and supporting documents?

Applications that are submitted online are normally received and processed within 3 business days following submission. Application processing times during peak periods (early January to late March) may be longer.

Please allow 10 to 15 business days for domestic mail, three to five weeks for international mail, and two to three business days for emailed, faxed, or couriered documents to be received and processed for review.

Note - March 2017: Due to higher than normal supplementary document volumes and the implementation of a new document management system for undergraduate applications, timing for updating application records with received dates is longer than the above. Staff are working hard to process these and, with experience, are becoming more proficient and processing times are reducing. We thank you for your patience and ask that you not resend documents that have already been submitted. Please continue to monitor your online application for admission account (see below).

3. How can I check the status of my application? 

If you applied online as a new student to Memorial University you can also return to the Online Application for Admission, using application login ID and PIN, to track the status of your application.

Current or former Memorial students who applied using Memorial Self-Service can check the status using Admissions menu there.

Applications for certain programs may require you to submit additional documents beyond those listed in your online application summary. Academic units or programs with additional requirements include the Faculty of Education, the Schools of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Music, Pharmacy, and Social Work; and the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Please refer to the Admission to Faculties and Schools section on the left for further information.

4. Something missing?

The Registrar’s Office will contact you by e-mail to remind you if documents that are required for your general application have not been received. You can also track the status of required documents, if you applied online, as outlined above.

The documents required to complete your general application for admission are described for each admission category on the application for admission and, if additional documents are required for applications to specific programs, under the related notes for each related program of study listed on the application.

5. How will I hear about my admission status?

E-mail is used more and more to communicate with applicants and students. Please see the Email Communication page for important information about the use of e-mail within the University and by the Office of the Registrar.

Applications for general admission are reviewed within the Office of the Registrar once they are complete. These decisions are communicated by email from the Office of the Registrar.  For students who are new to Memorial University, correspondence will be sent to the email address supplied with your application. Confirm the @mun.ca email domain is included in your email safe-sender’s list to ensure messages from Memorial are not filtered as spam.  For readmission applicants, correspondence will be sent to your @mun.ca account.

Decisions regarding applications for degrees with limited or selective admission are made by the related academic units. These decisions are normally communicated by email to your @mun.ca account.  

6. When will I hear about my admission status?

Decisions regarding general admission are normally made within several days following the receipt of all required documents (see above). An email confirming your general admission or readmission status will normally be sent by the Registrar's Office within two business days after a decision is made regarding admission eligibility.

If you have applied for admission to a program with limited or selective admission, you will hear from the related academic unit directly once a decision has been made.

Faculties or Schools with selective or limited admission normally assess applications within one month following the related application deadline. Each academic unit has its own method of assessing applications. In some cases decisions may be made as applications are completed. The timing of faculty or school decisions depends upon the program involved and, in some cases, the applicant’s category of admission or circumstances. For more details, you are advised to contact the academic unit responsible for the program you have applied to. See the page linked earlier in this section for further information.

7. Can I receive early admission if I am still in high school or if I'm attending another university or college?

Applicants who are currently completing courses in high school or at another recognized post-secondary institution may be considered for early general admission once all documents, other than the final official transcript, have been received. A separate request is not required.
Students preparing to meet the University's English proficiency requirements may also be eligible for early admission if this is the only other item that is outstanding.

Early admission is always subject to a review of final, official transcripts or test score reports to ensure that admission requirements are met at that time.

8. I've been offered admission- what happens next?

You're on your way!

Memorial Self-Service and Email: Once you are offered early (provisional) or final general or faculty/school admission, the decision is added to the University’s student administration system. Within 24 hours of this update, your Memorial Self-Serivce and @mun.ca email accounts will be ready for you to use for login and setup. It's very important that you set up these accounts as soon as possible after you've been admitted.

Registration: Registration normally begins six to eight weeks prior to the start of classes and a notice of your permission to register will be sent to you via your @mun.ca e-mail account. These are sent approximately one month prior to the start of registration or, if you've been admitted within one month of the start of registration, once your application record has been updated to reflect your admission.

Academic Advice: If you would like any assistance with your program or course selection or advice regarding registration, and Academic Advisor in our Academic Advising Centre will happy to assist you. See the link for new students at left for further information.

Other Services: A wide range of services and activities are offered throughout the University for new students. There are many things you need to know, and some steps you need to take, as you prepare to enrol at Memorial. We advise you to review carefully and keep all information that is sent to you by any office of the University. And review the information and links we provide for students who are new to Memorial at left to help you prepare.

Not coming?: Unless asked by an office, you are not required to confirm your offer of admission to Memorial University. You may certainly do so by contacting Admissions at admissions@mun.ca. However, keep in mind that if you have already registered for courses, you are liable for your course registrations and the related University deadlines. For further information see the links to registration information, the University Calendar, and the University Diary provided on the left or right of this page.

9. I still have questions.

You will the find answers to many other common questions using the A-Z and Frequently Asked Questions link at left.

Still have quesitons? An Admissions staff member would be happy to help you. Just follow the the link for Contact Information.