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Upcoming Events

1. FlipBus 3.0

When: November 21st, 2014

Time: 7pm

Location: TBD

Fee: 20$ for flip cup & bus crawl

It's as if Flip cup and a 3-bar bus crawl had a baby.....for the third year in a row..... FLIPBUS 3.0 20$ and you get flip cup, a bus crawl, awesome people and free booze; beer brought to you by Molson and liquor brought to you by Iceberg. We have exactly 108 seats available, get yours fast! Come to the Biochem society room (SN-4001) or the Psychology Society room (SN-2048) and sign up!!! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Another year, another epic freakin event brought to you by Biochem and Psychology!

2. Bakesales

We plan a number of bakesales throughout the semester, with the help of the MUN Psychology Social Committee. Check back for later dates for our upcoming bakesales!