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The Application Process

Students applying to the PsyD must complete the School of Graduate Studies application forms and also submit the following documents:

  1. An official transcript of university studies.

  2. Results of the general section of the Graduate Record Examination verbal, quantitative and analytical subtests) and TOEFL results, if necessary.

  3. Three academic letters of reference.

  4. Contact information (name, position, employer, address, phone and e-mail) for two persons from whom we can request a reference concerning your personal suitability for clinical psychology. One of these people should be a faculty member who knows you well, the other should be someone who has supervised your work (paid or volunteer) in a clinically relevant setting.

  5. A statement of interests and objectives (500 words). This statement should describe why you are interested in becoming a clinical psychologist and what career goals you have in mind.

All of the above must be received before February 1.

Completed applications will be screened and personal suitability references will be obtained for those applicants who are best qualified. Following this, a short-list of applicants will be compiled. Short-listed students will be then interviewed, preferably in person, by members of the PsyD Administrative Committee.

The PsyD Administrative Committee will rank order short-listed candidates based on the information obtained. Potential supervisors may then arrange a further interview with the candidates prior to a final decision.

Recommendations concerning admissions will be made to the Graduate Studies Committee of the Psychology Department. Upon admission, students will be assigned a supervisor from the core faculty in the PsyD program, based on stated interests.