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Weyam Fahmy To veil or not to veil? The effect of face covering and Muslim veils on the perceived credibility of a witness.

2015 - 2016

Samir Farhloul - What shocks and appalls the community: An attitudinal survey of interrogation tactics.

Dayna Vey - The effect of note taking on information provision and perceptions of police officers during investigative interviews.

Megan Smith - Administering the Right-to-Silence and Right-to-Legal Counsel Cautions: A descriptive study of Canadian police officers.

Meagan McCardle -Safeguarding youth interrogation rights: Testing assumptions about youth understanding, and interrogator abilities.

2014 - 2015

Spencer LangmeadDon't judge an interrogation book by its cover: Judge it by the quality of its content. 

Laura FallonThe Effect of Note Taking on Information Provision and Perceptions of Police Officers During Investigative Interviews

2013 - 2014 [View Photo Gallery]

Avineet Cheema - The effect of note referencing on perceptions of credibility of lawyers during closing arguments.

Zak Keeping - The effect of note taking on information processing during police interviews.

2012 - 2013 [View Photo Gallery]

Sarah Evans - Police caution comprehension: Identifying the listenability factors that contribute to  increased comprehension of legal rights using a mock crime paradigm

Justin Gould - An examination of the police K.G.B. warning: Is it a rapport killer?

2011 - 2012 [View Photo Gallery]

Carissa Collins - Examining the effectiveness of a modified Liverpool interview protocol

Ryan CollinsInvestigating the comprehension of the right-to-legal-counsel caution during a mock police interview

Courtney YoudenThe effect of minimization techniques on the perception of leniency

2010 - 2011 [View Photo Gallery]

Kirk Luther - Violent crime linkage analysis system: A test of inter-rater reliability

Kellie Lynch - Measuring comprehension of the right-to-legal counsel caution in a mock investigative interview

Randon Slaney - Comprehension of police KGB warning: The potential effect on rapport building

2009 - 2010

Amy Dowden - Adolescents' comprehension of youth police waivers in Canada

Gillian Lockyear - What was that? The effect of speed of delivery on police caution comprehension

Gregory Janes - Students' attitudes towards decision-making strategies

2008 - 2009 [View Photo Gallery]

Heather Quinlan - Interviewing criminal suspects: A field study of practices in one Canadian police organization

Shannon Aylward - What "shocks and appalls" the community? Public attitudes toward police interrogation techniques

Sarah Chaulk - A complexity analysis of Canadian police cautions: The right to silence and right to legal counsel

2007 - 2008 [View Photo Gallery]

Lesley King - Are Canadian police officers using the Reid Model of Interrogation? A content analysis of police interrogation videos

Jay Mercer - Police decision-making: Fast and frugal or complex and calculating?

Kathy Keating - Asking the right questions? An examination of Canadian police interviewing of witnesses

Kristen Williams - The impact of empathy, belief in a just world, and attitudes toward the justice system on bail decision-making

2006 - 2007 [View Photo Gallery]

Tonya Dowding - Modeling judgements of the veracity of suicide notes: Take the best heuristic versus logistic regression

Katie McDonald - Judging the veracity of suicide notes: An examination of the matching heuristic versus logistic regression

Julia Porter - 
Logistic regression versus the matching heuristic: Judging the veracity of sexual assault statements. 

2005 - 2006

Amanda Haines - Criminal profiling use and belief: A survey of Canadian police officers

Laura Vardy - The effects of physical characteristics on judgments of criminal guilt

Anastasia Walornyj - The use of the recognition heuristic in time constrained environments

Leah Fudge -The use of heuristics by armed street robbers

Holly Haynes - The impact of perceived expertise on criminal profiling belief

Krista Randell - Criminal profiling: Examining the illusion of validity

2004 - 2005

Stephanie Mahoney - The effect of additional information on accuracy and confidence when making geographic profiling predictions

Holly Ryan - Recognizing NHL greatness with an ignorant heuristic

Adam Saunders - The adaptive function of confirmation bias in decision-making

2003 - 2004

Brown, Katherine (UNBSJ) - Police Officers' Use of Confirmatory and Non-confirmatory Cues in Interpretations of the Accuracy of Offender Profiles