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About Project Green

Who are we?

Project Green is simply a collection of people who are concerned about living sustainably. Our goal is to promote sustainable living to students, our university, and to the community as a whole. We meet so that we can plan events and initiatives, and ultimately raise people's awareness about environmental issues.

10th Annual Dump and Run NOW ON!

Project Green's Dump and Run is now taking place at West Hatcher House on the MUN Campus.

Sale and drop off dates are April 13th to April 25th!

For information on pickups, please contact us as


Care to join?

We always welcome new members. It could be your first year at MUN, or your tenth. There's no time like the present to get involved in environmental activism. We have members of many different ages, faculties, and backgrounds. You don't have to know anything about climate change or sustainability, or have any experience in campus societies.

The most important thing is that you care about living green, and promoting a sustainable future for Memorial University (and everywhere else). The beauty of Project Green is that you simply contribute what you can. Maybe you want to take charge of a new initiative, or maybe you'd prefer to simply help out however you can. That's fine! Project Green has no official leader or executive. We simply organize ourselves so that we can get the most done about environmental issues.

How to find us:

Getting involved with Project Green is easy. Just come to our meetings. Currently, we meet every Monday at 5pm, in the Loft (UC-3000). - Meetings have now finished for the semester but stay tuned for September!

Don't worry if it's middle of the semester, newmembers, or even just curious newcomers, are welcome at every meeting.

Also, if you'd like to be added to our mailing list, just send us an email.