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The Jockey Club

The Department organizes a weekly discussion group, the Jockey Club, including faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and interested participants from the St. John’s community. Many participants also come from other disciplines in the university and visiting speakers are invited to participate as well. (click Jockey Club for a list of papers discussed) Interested in attending? Please contact the Department for more information

The St. John’s Public Lectures in Philosophy are held the last Tuesday of each month, usually Sept.-Nov. and Jan.- usually Sept.-Nov. and Jan.-March inclusive: click here for more information

Philosophy Winter Colloquium, 2013: "What is Metaphysics"


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Previous Winter Colloquia:

Winter Colloquium 2012

Winter Colloquium 2011

Winter Colloquium 2010

Winter Colloquium 2009

Winter Colloquium 2008

Winter Colloquium 2007

Winter Colloquium 2006

Winter Colloquium 2005

The Department also occasionally has Fall Colloquia lectures, with invited speakers.

Fall Colloquium 2008, Visiting Speaker Series

The Colloquia have occasionally been extended into a new Spring/Summer Colloquium Series

The Philosophy Society organizes a student colloquium series:>

The Philosophy Student Colloquium 2012, "Identity"

 The Philosophy Student Colloquium 2011, "Mind"

Third Annual Philosophy Undergraduate Colloquium on "Being" 2010

Every Friday, 1-2, AA1049: Feb 5 Bradley Dart "Cantor and the Mathematics of Infinity" Jan 29 Sarah Khraishi 'technology, art, and pornography

The Philosophy Student Colloquium 2009

The Philosophy Student Colloquium 2008