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Philosophy 4260/6000

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All colloquia will take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 2.00-3:30  in SN 2041



Tuesday, January 20

 Michelle Rebidoux (Dept. of Religious Studies), ‘Breathing Beyond Being: the Burden and Buoyancy of Levinas’ Infinite Responsibility’


Tuesday, January 27

 Walter Okshevsky (Faculty of Education), ‘Is It My Responsibility To Get Others To Agree With Me? Some Reflections On Habermas’ Moral Epistemology’


Tuesday, February 3

 David Thompson ‘Constructing Responsibility’

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THURSDAY, February 5

 GUEST SPEAKER:  Bernie Wills (SWGC), ‘Responsibility and Immortality: What Does The Phaedo Prove?’


Tuesday, February 10

 Sean McGrathSchelling on Responsibility to the Unconscious’

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Tuesday, February 17

 Suma Rajiva  ‘ Kantian Intimations of Immorality: the Turnspit, the Automaton, and the Puppet Show’


Tuesday, February 24



Tuesday, March 3

 Natalie Oman ‘Our Responsibility to Distant Others’


Tuesday, March 10

 Peter Trnka  ‘Answering Machines or Poetic Lives? On the Limits of Responsibility in Tsvetayeva, Sontag and Deleuze


Tuesday, March17

 Tom Cooper (Faculty of Business), ‘Responsibility and Moral Hazard: Lessons from the Financial Crisis’


Tuesday, March 24

 Darren Hynes ‘Fiduciary Responsibility’


Tuesday, March 31

Peter Harris & James Bradley 'Responses on Responsibility: Comments on This Year's Colloquium Series.'




1.  All colloquia will run from 2.00-3.30 in SN 2041. (We will have to stop at 3.20 if the room is booked for another class at 3.30.) Please allow at least 30 mins. for discussion.

2.  Each week’s Tuesday speaker will meet with the graduate class attached to the colloquium on the Thursday afternoon immediately following the Tuesday talk for discussion on their paper and related topics, 5.00-6.20, in C-2024. All are welcome to attend the discussion class if they wish.

3. The above schedule is likely to stand without much revision. Shifts may however be necessary in the event of illness, additions, or inclement weather. If a Tuesday lecture has to be cancelled, it will be shifted to the nearest available Thursday, 2.00-3.30.