Department of Philosophy

Memorial University


Philosophy 4260



Revised schedule

All colloquia will take place on Tuesday or Thursday, 2.00-3:30  in A1045



Tuesday, January 15

 Evan Simpson, ‘Truth as the End of Politics’


Tuesday, January 22

 Darren Hynes ‘Kant on the End of Philosophy: Enlightenment & the Double Government Methodology’


Tuesday, January 29



THURSDAY, January 31

 David Thompson, ‘Teleological, Causal and Evolutionary Explanation’



Tuesday, February 5

 Suma Rajiva, ‘Kant and the Ends of Beauty’


THURSDAY, February 7

 James Bradley, ‘Is Teleology Universal?’


Tuesday, February 12

 Sean McGrath, ‘The Early Heidegger and the End of the World’


Tuesday, February 19



THURSDAY, February 21

David Peddle,  (Sir Wilfred Grenfell College), ‘ Predetermined Ends and Human Freedom in Calvin’s Theology’


Tuesday, February 26

 Peter Harris, ‘End Matters’


THURSDAY, February 28

Peter Trnka, ‘Revolution and the End of Time’


Tuesday, March 4

 Jean-Philippe Ranger, ‘Aristotle & Epicurus on the Telos: A Debate’


Tuesday, March 11


THURSDAY, March 13

 Bernie Wills, ‘The End of Patriarchy? Plato & Irigaray on Eros’


Michelle Rebidoux (Religious Studies), ‘C’est Moi le Principe et la Fin: The Missing Middle of Michel Henry’s Phenomenology of Life’


Tuesday, March 18

 Toni Stafford, ‘Kierkegaard, Kant and the End of Ethics’


Tuesday, March 25

 Natalie Oman, ‘Arendt and the End of the Right to Have Rights’


Tuesday, April 1

 John Scott, ‘The End?’