Department of Philosophy

Memorial University





1). Thursday, Oct. 2, 2.00-3.30: SN 2101

The Philosophy Colloquium:

Prof. Markus Enders (Freiburg)

'The Historical and Systematic Significance of the Ontological Notion of God'


(Markus Enders is Full Professor in the Philosophy of Religion at the

University of Freiburg, Germany. The author of numerous works on Anselm,

Eckhart and Seuse, he is a specialist in medieval and philosophical

theology. His visit to Memorial is funded by the Alexander von Humboldt

Foundation of Germany and organized by Sean McGrath.)


2) Friday, Oct. 3, 4.30 onwards:

JOCKEY CLUB at The Squires Gallery, 52 Prescott Street (fish & chip take out dinner to follow):

Markus Enders will introduce the discussion, which will be on an excerpt selected by him from Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age (Harvard, 2007).


3) Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2-3.30, SN 2101:


The Philosophy Colloquium:

Mathieu Marion (Henrietta Harvey Distinguished Lecturer)

'Game Semantics: A New Paradigm and Its Philosophy'.


More information to come on the HH Lecturer


4) Wednesday, Oct. 8, 8.00-10.00 p.m., A1043:

The HH Lecture to the University by Mathieu Marion:

'Collingwood and the Logic of Question & Answer'

Reception follows.

(Free Parking Area 15).


5) Thursday, Oct. 9, 2.00-3.30, SN 2101:



Philosophy Colloquium:

Chinatsu Kobayashi (UQAM)

'Continuity in British Aesthetics from Collingwood to Wollheim' 


6) NEW Thursday, Oct. 9, 6-7:30pm, INCO Lecture Theate IIC 2001


Special Session of the Philosophy Colloquium:

Michael Ruse, FRSC (Florida State University) “Is Darwinism Past Its 'Sell By' Date?”


7) Friday, Oct. 10, 1-2 p.m:


Mathieu Marion, HH Lecture to the Dept. of Mathematics:

'Why Play Logical Games?' Cancelled


8) Friday, Oct. 10, 2-3 p.m., AA3081:


Benoit Castelnerac (Sherbrooke)

'Separation through Fragmentation: Remarks on Plato's & Plutarch's Ontology'.


10) Friday, Oct. 10, 4.30 onwards:

JOCKEY CLUB at J. Bradley's house, 117 Strawberry Marsh Road (fish & chip take-out dinner to follow):

Mathieu Marion & Benoit Castelnerac will introduce the discussion, which will be

on their paper (circulated beforehand), 'Presocratic Philosophy and

the Origins of Dialogical Logic'


11) Thursday, Oct. 30, 2.00-3.30

SN 2101


Philosophy Colloquium:

Prof. Gabor Csepregi (President, Dominican College, Ottawa)

'The Intelligence Of The Body'