Bi-Annual Graduate Conference

The Inaugural Memorial University Graduate Conference in Philosophy was hosted in 2013, on the topics of Nature, Freedom, and Reason. 

The conference took place from June 5th-7th, 2013, with Dr. Iain Hamilton Grant, University of the West of England delivering the keynote speech. Presenters came from across Canada and Europe to participate in the event.

Topics explored included:

• The revival of German Idealism in the works of Markus Gabriel, Iain Hamilton Grant, and Slavoj Zizek; German Idealism and the Pittsburgh School (Sellars, Brandom, McDowell); the “space of reasons.”

• Contemporary rationalist philosophy; Alain Badiou and Quentin Meillassoux.

• Rationalism, Ancient/Medieval Metaphysics, and their relevance today.

• Metaphysics, Ecology, Philosophy of Life and the Philosophy of Nature.

• Philosophies of Subjectivity and Freedom.

• Original contributions related to the conference theme are also encouraged.

Click here for the event programme.