MUN Philosophy Colloquium

Once a week, a speaker shares the results of his or her philosophical research with the broader philosophical community in a formal lecture of about 45 minutes followed by an open discussion.

Steven De Caroli during his presentation

Our speakers and topics for the philosophy colloquium in the 2015 fall semester included:

• Jason Wirth (Seattle University), Nietzsche’s Critique of Schopenhauer
• Harry Collins, Knowledge and Democracy (special event)
• Sean McGrath, The Philosophical Presuppositions of the Integral Ecology of Pope Francis
• Steven DeCaroli (Goucher College), What is a Form of Life?: Giorgio Agamben and the Practice of Poverty
• Joël Madore, Disenchanted Faith: A Kantian Critique of Gauchet
• Michelle Rebidoux, God, the Anthropocene and the Personalizing Cosmos
• Seamus O’Neill, “aequales angelis sunt”: Demonology, Angelology, and the Resurrection of the Body in Augustine and Anselm”
• Frank Peddle, Hegel on Triadicity, its Sublation and the Platonic Theology of Proclus


Upcoming Speakers this semester include Michelle Mahoney, Peter Gratton, Kyla Bruff, Suma Rajiva, Shannon Hoff, Garth Green, Michael Naas and Robert Louden. Stay tuned!