19th Century Series

Many Professors at Memorial have a specific interest in 19th century (particularly German and British) thinkers. These courses provide an in-depth reading of some of these philosophers:

PHIL 3860 Hegel examines selections from Hegel's system with emphasis on the nature of dialectical and speculative philosophy and its enormous influence in the present time.

PHIL 3870 Utilitarianism examines moral, political and jurisprudential themes in Bentham, J.S. Mill and their followers. Recent utilitarian theories.

PHIL 3880 Post-Idealist Thought examines 19th century reactions to idealist systems, the critique of Metaphysics, the rise of Positivism.

PHIL 3890 Marxism examines the political, social and historical theories of Marx and Engels and their later developments; themes in Marxist analysis of class and capitalism.