Graduate Courses

A graduate course is usually a seminar focusing on a set of texts or a single author. Students are expected to be actively involved in the seminar, leading discussions with presentations of texts and offering constructive and critical comments to the presentations of their colleagues. A student can expect to read fifty pages or so a week in preparation for the seminar and write a longer researcher paper at the end of the class.

Topics of Recently Offered Graduate Seminars have included:


-Kant's First Critique (Dr. Suma Rajiva)
-Marxism & Deconstruction (Dr. Peter Trnka)
-French Existentialism (Dr. Joël Madore)
-The Anthropocene (Dr. Sean McGrath)
-Hegel & Simone de Beauvoir (Dr. Shannon Hoff)


-Foucault, Derrida and the Death Penalty (Dr. Peter Gratton)
-Evil (Dr. Joël Madore)
-Schelling's Positive Philosophy (Dr. Sean McGrath)
-C.S. Peirce (Dr. Scott Johnston)
-Nietzsche & Kierkegaard (Dr. Sean McGrath)
-Natural Kinds (Dr. Arthur Sullivan)