4000 Level Seminars

4000 level (fourth year) seminars are often cross listed with graduate courses and provide an opportunity for students to engage with one or two thinkers or themes in depth. They take place within a small group under the guidance of a professor working in the area at hand. Fourth year seminar courses offered by the Department include the following (precise topics are announced by the Department in the semester preceding the course):

PHIL 4100 Seminar in Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics

PHIL 4250 and 4260 Seminar in Metaphysics and Epistemology 

PHIL 4300 and 4310 Seminar in Ethics 

PHIL 4700-4790 Seminar in Special Authors and Texts

PHIL 4800-4890 Seminar in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Philosophy 

PHIL 4900 Advanced Readings in Ethics