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Updated 98.06.24
Andrew Draskoy

Electronic Mail, Telephone,
and Postal Directories

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Outside MUN

Finding an address or phone number via the Internet can be a tricky business. Usually, addresses are found when someone sends you email or posts a news article. You can then then reply to these messages. There is no guaranteed way to get the address for a user if you haven't received some electronic communication for them.

Using the Netscape "Net Search" button is one way to find phone numbers or addresses of companies and people. Also, here are some specific utilities and indexes which will make an attempt to find addresses and/or telephone numbers for you:

Phone Numbers, Addresses and Email Addresses:

Phone Numbers and Addresses:

Canada and U.S.A.

Other Countries
  • Bizbook of Sweden for people and companies (in Swedish)
  • Dutch PTT Telecom phonebook (in Dutch)
  • Telefon Server is a searchable telephone number database for Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Austria -- includes reverse lookup. Search by name, address and city or name only.

Phone Numbers and Email Addresses:

Email Addresses:

Phone Numbers:

Postal Code Directories:

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