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The Ocean Sciences Centre is home to  three Harp Seals (Phagophilus groenlandicus). It is one of the few facilities in the world that houses captive Harp Seals. The facility opened in the mid 70’s as an opportunity for research on local marine mammal species and public education. Over the years studies involving senescence, perception, diet, behavior and physiology have taken place here. Today the seals are provided with daily care and husbandry as well as enrichment. This helps to keep them healthy, mentally stimulated and physically active.



Each seal is unique. They have different appearances and individual personalities. Currently there are two adult females and one adult male, Babette, Deane, and Tyler respectively. Babette and Tyler are wild caught. Babette is the first harp seal to successfully give birth in captivity and she is the mother of Deane along with other pups that were housed at the OSC. The seals act as embassadors for their species and we continue to learn more from them every day.

 The seal viewing platform is open year round to the public during working hours. In the summer it is accompanied by a free outdoor invertebrate touch tank and fish display as part of the Ocean Sciences Centre Public Education Program.

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