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Former Students

PhD Students

Daniel Curtis

Dan completed his PhD in 2009. He investigated the physiological responses of Dungeness crabs and blue crabs during feeding and digestion in low salinity. Dan published over 10 papers from his PhD work. He currently works as a research scientist at the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo, BC


MSc Students

Jennifer Bernatis

Jennifer completed her MSc research in 2005 investigating the behaviour of postprandial Dungeness crabs to hypoxia. This was a combined lab and field project, most of it conducted at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in British Columbia. She published her work in Marine Biology. Jennifer is currently working for Fish and Wildlife in Florida and completing a part-time PhD on invasive apple snails



Aaron Payette

Aaron completed his MSc degree in 2002. He investigated the behavioural and physiological responses of burrow dwelling crayfish to temperature change. He published his findings in the Biological Bulletin. Aaron is currently a faculty member at Portland Community College in Oregon