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Updated Nov 2017

Current Postings:

Postdoctoral fellow

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow with mass spectrometry experience to work on our Ocean Frontier Institute project.
Someone with experience in MS to develop procedures for complex lipidome analyses in aquaculture nutrition by LC/MS/MS.
We would like them to start as soon as possible in the New Year.
For more information or to apply please contact Dr. Chris Parrish cparrish@mun.ca or (709) 864-3225.


Dr. Ian Fleming’s Lab

Department of Ocean Sciences

Summer Research Assistant 

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Dr. Javier Santander- jsantander@mun.ca

Honours students position available in the following areas:

1. Metagenomic analysis of fish microbiota

2. Molecular genetic analysis of bacterial pathogenes of fish



NSERC Graduate Student Positions in Fish Physiology Available in the Dept. of Ocean Sciences (Memorial University of Newfoundland)  (More Information)



M.Sc., Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral Opportunities in Salmon Aquaculture, Genomics and Physiology.
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 Dr. Iain McGaw's Lab

Graduate student positions available for students interested in invertebrate ecophysiology, behaviour and aquaculture/fisheries.

Opportunities in the Dr. Annie Mercier Lab:

Dr. Annie Mercier (amercier@mun.ca):
1. Biology of deep-sea invertebrates. This research involves the use of microscopy and imaging analysis techniques for the study of preserved specimens (possibly new or poorly known species). It may also involve collection of specimens (ship time) and assessment of feeding and reproductive cycles in live animals.
2. Breeding strategies of echinoderms (e.g. spawning periodicity and synchrony, ecology of brooding, fecundity, etc.). This research is based on behavioural observations, experimental trials in controlled environments, histology/microscopy, image analysis, and biochemical analysis.
3. Biology and management of the sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa. This research focuses on the study of the Newfoundland populations of sea cucumbers with respect to an emerging fishery and potential aquaculture program. It involves the study of growth patterns, tagging and aging methods, diets, prey-predator interactions and various other aspects of the biology and ecology of the species.
4. Various other projects on the general biology and ecology of marine invertebrates (e.g. symbioses, trophic ecology, competition, behaviour, morphology, etc.).



Dr. Patrick Gagnon

Email: pgagnon@mun.ca

Website: http://www.ucs.mun.ca/~pgagnon/

Undergraduate and graduate research positions in subtidal marine biology and ecology.


Honours Students

The following faculty members are seeking honours students in several research areas. If you would like to become an honours student, please send an email directly to the faculty member (email link is provided).

Dr. Richard Rivkin
Email: rrivkin@mun.ca

  1. Influence on nutrients and temperature on bacterial community structure.
  2. Relationship between microbial growth and loss rates under varying nutrient regimes.

Dr. Mark Abrahams

Email: mabrahams@mun.ca

MSc and PhD student positions available in research at the interface of behavioural/ evolutionaryecology and physiological ecology







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