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Dr. Chris Parrish

Professor (Research)

Ocean Sciences Centre

Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, A1C 5S7

  • Cross-appointed to the Department of Biology
  • Board of Study, Aquaculture Programme
  • Academic Programs Officer, OSC

Research background and teaching

Marine fats and oils have been the focus of my research starting as far back as undergraduate days with an honours thesis on marine lipids as part of a BSc joint honours in Chemistry and Oceanography. This continued through a PhD program in Oceanography and even into medical research during a two year stint as a Medical Research Council Fellow looking at the health effects of fish oils. This background has been combined into what I do today at Memorial. I teach in the interdisciplinary environmental science and aquaculture programs and my research involves studying fats and oils in the natural environment and in the nutrition of cultured organisms. I work at the interface of chemistry and biology in the area of aquatic lipid research.

Current interests

  • Food webs - production, transport, fate and effects of hydrophobic organic matter.
  • Biomarkers - molecular signatures of bacteria, algae, terrestrial plants, pollution.
  • Aquaculture - essential fatty acids, environmental impacts and their mitigation.
  • Analytical chemistry - chromatography