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Primary Faculty

Name Title Research
Mark Abrahams   Dean of Science   Research focuses on predator-prey interactions, how they are affected by the physical environment, and their impact on habitat quality.
Don Deibel   Professor (Research)   Research focuses on the population dynamics and role in the marine carbon cycle of gelatinous zooplankton, using biochemical and video analysis tools, particularly in the Arctic and Newfoundland waters.
William R. Driedzic   Professor - Canada Research Chair in Marine Bioscience   Research focuses on the impact of environmental challenges, especially low oxygen and temperature extremes, on metabolic pathways.
Ian Fleming   Professor   Research focuses on evolutionary and behavioural ecology, with an emphasis on fish breeding systems, life history diversity, phenotypic plasticity and survival strategies in the context of conservation and management.
Garth L. Fletcher   Head   Research focuses on antifreeze proteins, their physiological regulation and mechanisms of action, and their diversity, evolution and potential economic value in the field of biotechnology.
Patrick Gagnon   Associate Professor   Research investigates factors and processes governing the structure and function of shallow, marine benthic ecosystems in subarctic and cold temperate regions, while contributing novel approaches to the study of these ecosystems at meaningful scales
A. Kurt Gamperl   Professor   Research examines how environmental factors (e.g. hypoxia, temperature, domestication, pollutants etc.) affect fish physiology, and whether the impacted fishes have the capacity to compensate for/ adapt to these changes.
Iain J. McGaw   Associate Professor   Research investigates the digestive physiology and movement of crustaceans and how animals balance the demands of several systems during environmental perturbations.
Annie Mercier   Associate Professor   Research focuses on the reproductive biology, larval ecology, feeding, and symbiotic relationships of marine benthic invertebrates from tropical and cold waters, and from the deep-sea
Chris C. Parrish   Professor (Research)   Research focuses on the production, transport, fate and effects of lipids and other organic compounds in food webs.
Matthew L Rise   Associate Professor -Canada Research Chair in Marine Biotechnology   Research uses functional genomic tools and techniques to study the genes and molecular pathways involved in aquatic animal growth, development, and responses to pathogens and environmental stressors (e.g. pollutants, temperature stress)
Richard B. Rivkin   University Research Professor   Research focuses on various aspects of biological oceanography, phytoplankton and microbial physiology and ecology and oceanic biogeochemistry in diverse oceanic regions.
David C. Schneider   Professor   Research addresses the problem of spatial scale in the environmental sciences, with an emphasis on spatial scaling as it has developed in oceanography, ecology, and aquaculture and fisheries.
Paul Snelgrove   Professor - Canada Research Chair Boreal and Cold Ocean Systems   Research focuses on the links between fish and invertebrate larval behaviour and transport, and how they contribute to recruitment success, population connectivity, and spatial patterns in coastal environments.
Joseph S. Wroblewski   Professor   Research is investigating the potential effects of climate change on the oceanography of coastal Labrador and on the ecology and management of nearshore fisheries.
Emeritus & Honourary Faculty
Raymond J. Thompson   Professor (Research)   Research focuses on physiological ecology of benthic marine invertebrates, focusing on adaptations to a variable food supply, especially the utilisation of sinking organic material from the spring phytoplankton bloom.