The Oil and Gas Development Partnership (OGDP) of Memorial University was launched as a strategic initiative in 2000 with the goal of helping to transform Newfoundland and Labrador into an internationally recognized leader in education, training, research and development related to all facets of the oil and gas industry.

Memorial University is meeting this challenge through partnerships with other academic institutions, government and with industry. The OGDP has already established significant new research and development at the university.

The Newfoundland and Labrador offshore oil and gas sector is leading Canada in new oil and gas exploration.

The White Rose field is a major project that has recently come on stream joining the Hibernia and the Terra Nova producing oil fields, which together allow Newfoundland and Labrador to produce about 40% of Canada's conventional light oil.

The gain in this sector have enabled the provincial economy to lead economic growth in Canada for 2007 as projected by the Royal Bank of Canada.

Memorial University is one of the largest universities in Atlantic Canada. As the province's only university, Memorial plays an integral role in the education and cultural life of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Offering diverse undergraduate and graduate programs to over 18,000 students, the university provides a distinctive and stimulating environment for learning in St. John's, a safe friendly city with great historic charm, a vibrant cultural life and easy access to a wide range of outdoor activities.

Memorial has an established team of faculty, research associates and graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, as well, in the Marine Institute and in the Department of Earth Sciences.

These personnel support strong teaching and research programs in the oil and gas sector; thereby building complementary strengths in the faculties of Science, Business Administration and the Arts.