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Important Information for Admitted Students

Students will be notified of admission decisions via email to their personal email account and to their @MUN email account. Acceptance letters are no longer mailed. It is important, therefore, to ensure that we have an accurate email address on file and that students check it regularly. It is also important to set up your @MUN email account.

Notification of Admission Decisions:

  • Admission decisions for LPN Bridging Option applicants will be emailed by the end of March.
  • Admission decisions for high school applicants will be emailed by mid-April.
  • Admission decisons for Non-Direct applicants and for Fast-Track Option applicants will be emailed by the first week of June.

Once students have been accepted, they MUST send confirmation that they have read, understand and meet the required ARNNL Requisite Skills and Abilities for Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practise.

For those applicants that have been Wait Listed: The Wait List will exist until the first week of classes in September. If a seat becomes available for you from the Wait List, you will be called and asked if you wish to accept the offered seat.

There are specific Program requirements for students once they are admitted to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program. These requirements are not admission requirements and therefore do not have to be completed for admission, however it is strongly advised that they are completed before classes begin in September. The Nursing sites, not the Nursing Consortium Office, coordinate these Program requirements. 

Additional critical requirements, coordinated by the Nursing sites, include:

  • Certification of Standard First Aid and CPR at the health care provider/professional level (CPR-HCP)
  • Student Information Form
  • Immunization Records and Bloodwork as required

Once a student has been offered admission and has confirmed seat acceptance, the site to which the student has been accepted will send an information package containing course registration and orientation information. This information will be sent before registration begins in July.

Any student admitted to the Program after July will be contacted by the specific Nursing site once the site is notified of the acceptance.