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Applying Next Year to the Four-Year Option

Students who are planning to apply next year to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Four-Year Option, and who have the required biology and chemistry courses completed, can complete the non-nursing courses. If students need to complete the required biology and chemistry courses, they can be completed along with some of the non-nursing courses.

The non-nursing courses are NOT required for admission.

Having these non-nursing courses completed will not increase admission chances to the Program or shorten the time in the Program if admitted, however it will lighten the course load for students who are admitted to the BN Program. 

The non-nursing courses fall within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, therefore students can be working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree while also preparing to apply to Nursing. For more information on creating a Plan B, like working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree, you should speak with an Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Centre.

Non-Nursing Courses:

  • Psychology 1000
  • six credit hours in English
  • three credit hours in business
  • three credit hours in Philosophy 2500-2599 OR Religious Studies 2610
  • three credit hours in sociology, anthropology, or archaeology
  • three credit hours in political science
  • six credit hours in electives (any subject area)

To be competitive for admission: applicants should complete 8-10 courses in the last two semesters at Memorial University (Fall and Winter semesters) (or at another university) and obtain a 70% average and higher on those courses.