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How to Apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program online

PLEASE NOTE: The 2015 online Nursing application is currently being updated. The old version of the online application is still available, therefore we encourage you at this time to fill out the updated paper application on the link below until the 2015 online application has been updated. Once the 2015 online application has been updated, we will add a note to this page.

The application to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program consists of:

  1. The Nursing application
  2. Self Appraisal (which can be found with the Nursing application)
  3. ONE reference from an ACADEMIC source using the required reference form*
  4. Other documents as required, for example transcripts.

All documents must be received in the Nursing Consortium Office, or post marked, by the March 1 deadline (February 1 for the LPN Bridging Option.)

It is preferred that applicants apply online. However, if there are issues with the online application, the printable Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program admission application can be used.

 *Applicants to the LPN Bridging Option must provide two letters of reference. One reference must be from an academic source and the other must be from an individual that can assess clinical performance.