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How to Apply

The 2018 application is now available!

The Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program admission application pertains to all Options of the Program: Fast-Track Option, Four-Year Option and LPN Bridging Option.

  • Applicants MUST apply online to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program.
    • Once you sign-in online, click on the Admission tab. Once you select Nursing as your program of study, you will then be brought into the online Nursing application. Note: if you are a new student to Memorial University, you will first fill out a Memorial University application.
  • There is no fee to apply to Nursing. If you are new to Memorial University, you will be required to pay a Memorial University application processing fee.
  • If you are new to Memorial University, there are TWO admission decisions: one to Memorial University and one to the Bachelor of Nursing. To be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Nursing you must be accepted to Memorial University. If you have been accepted to Memorial University, but not to the Bachelor of Nursing, you can still attend Memorial University.
  • The application to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program consists of:
    1. The Nursing application
    2. Personal Statement (which can be found with the Nursing application)
    3. ONE* completed reference form from an ACADEMIC source using the required reference form
    4. Other documents as required, for example external MUN transcripts.
  • All documents must be received, or post marked, by the March 1 deadline (February 1 for the LPN Bridging Option.)

 *LPN Bridging Option Applicants Please Note:

  • Applicants to the LPN Bridging Option must provide two letters of reference. One reference must be from an academic source and the other must be from an individual that can assess clinical performance.
  • When applying online to the LPN Bridging Option, applicants must select to apply to the Spring semester NOT the Fall semester on their Memorial University application as the Bridging semester begins in the Spring, not the Fall.
  • Application Deadlines:

February 1st: LPN Bridging Option

March 1st: Fast-Track Option and Four-Year Option

Here is the link to the 2018 Application:

Any issues you encounter with the online Nursing application can be directed to the Memorial University Admissions Office.