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High School Students

As the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Four-Year Option is a direct entry program, high school students can apply for admission directly from high school. (Please Note: High school applicants are not eligible to apply to the Fast-Track Option.)

It is important to note that people from Newfoundland and Labrador are given priority for admission, therefore we do not have many seats available for out-of-province high school applicants.

Applicants must submit two applications by the March 1 deadline: a Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program admission application and a Memorial University of Newfoundland application for admission/readmission. High school applicants must meet the general admission/readmission requirements of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The following courses, or their equivalents, are required for admission into the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program from high school:

  • Biology 2201 (out-of-province equivalent example: Biology 11)
  • Biology 3201 (out-of-province equivalent example: Biology 12)
  • Chemistry 3202 (out-of-province equivalent example: Chemistry 12)
  • English 3201 (out-of-province equivalent example: English 12)
  • Math 3200 OR Math 3201 (out-of-province equivalent example: Math 12)
  • Social Science 3xxx or Modern Language 3xxx (2 credits at the 3000 level)*

*For out-of-province high school applicants that do not have a social science or modern language Grade 12 course completed, an additional Grade 12 science course, other than the ones listed above, must be completed.

High school students must submit a copy of their February/midterm grades by the March 1st deadline to the Admissions Office,  Memorial University. The Nursing Consortium Office does not have access to the required midterm grades, therefore these grades must be submitted. These grades must be emailed to:

The final grades for Newfoundland and Labrador high school students, however, are accessed by Memorial University of Newfoundland automatically, therefore the final transcripts do not have to be submitted to the Nursing Consortium Office.

Out-of-province high school applicants can submit an unofficial high school midterm transcript but will have to arrange for an official final high school transcript to be sent directly to the Nursing Consortium Office once final grades are released in June/July. Official transcripts must be emailed/sent to the Nursing Consortium Office directly from the high school. Official final transcripts in June that are not sent directly to Memorial University of Newfoundland from the high school will NOT be accepted.  

Admission decisions for high school applicants are emailed by the end of April. Emails are sent to the personal email account as well as to the @mun email account, therefore applicants should set up their @MUN email account before mid-April. Applicants should check the junk mail folder of their personal email account just in case the email goes in that folder.