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Directors, Faculty and Alumni

Directors of the School of Nursing


Joyce Nevitt
Ms. Nevitt was born in England, and came to Canada for the first time after the Second World War. She worked in Ontario and Michigan before becoming the first director of the Memorial University School of Nursing. Her contribution to the school included not only the initial development of the program and curriculum, but also the design of the pin, cap and first uniform. Ms. Nevitt was the author of a book on Newfoundland's nursing history, entitled White Caps and Black Bands. She died in St. John's in 1998.
Margaret McLean
In 1973 Ms. McLean replaced Ms. Nevitt, becoming the second director of the school. She did her initial training in nursing in Montreal, and went on to work in Canada and the United States before coming to Memorial. Her time as director saw important changes and expansions in the nursing curriculum, as well as a gain in independence as a school. An annual lecture was established in her name, and most recently the speaker was Dr. Siobhan Nelson from the University of Toronto. Ms. McLean died in 1998.
Dr. Caroline White
After Ms. McLean retired, Dr. White became the director. Born and trained in the United States, Dr. White received many awards and brought research and experience to the school. During her brief tenure, just three years, the school grew physically as new space was built in the Health Science Centre, saw the first graduates receive a Masters in nursing, and the transition from the traditional white uniform to the academic hood and gown.
Dr. Leslie Hardy
With Dr. Hardy came a period of growth for the school of nursing. Coming to Newfoundland she had experience in different provinces which she shared with Memorial. During her time new faculty positions were established in the school, and there was emphasis placed on expanding faculty research. Dr. Hardy was the director during the school's 25th Anniversary Celebrations in 1991.
Dr. Marianne Lamb
An Ontario native, Dr. Lamb came to Newfoundland with a wide variety of nursing experience, from clinical to administrative positions. She completed the final portion of her doctorate while she was also the director of the School of Nursing at Memorial. Dr. Lamb's directorship saw the increase in distance education, to where the first RN's received their BN entirely by distance, as well as an increase in international nursing projects.
Dr. Carole Orchard
Dr. Orchard had a background in both nursing research and administration when she became the director in 1998. Her time at Memorial was responsible for the initiation of the Nursing Research Unit, a continuation of international work, and most notably, the development of the BN fast track program.
Dr. Sandra LeFort
The current director, Dr. LeFort, is the first to have received some of her education here at Memorial. She has continued and expanded the achievements of the school to date, and is also a widely recognized researcher of pain management.

1965-1973: Joyce Nevitt

1973-1983: Margaret McLean

1983-1986: Dr. Caroline White

1987-1991: Dr. Leslie Hardy

1993-1997: Dr. Marianne Lamb

1998-2003: Dr. Carole Orchard

2003 - present: Dr. Sandra LeFort




Acting Directors

  • Nell Joiner
  • Marilyn Beaton
  • Dr. Shirley Solberg
  • Dr. Violetta Ribiero
Nell Joiner
Nell Joiner
Marilyn Beaton
Marilyn Beaton
Dr. Shirley Solberg
Dr. Shirley Solberg