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Research Projects:

Mr. Gerry Mugford and Dr. Ian Bowmer of the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland are currently conducting research examining the effects of counselling on patients living with HIV/AIDS. Entitled "Efficacy of Psychotherapeutic Interventions in Persons Living with HIV/AIDS", this research project examines psychological outcome measures: depression, hopelessness, coping, life satisfaction, and self efficacy; medical outcome measures: CD4, CD8, virus load, weight, drug use; health care system utilization: physician interventions, nursing interventions, hospital visits, home care services; and cost of treatment.

Dr. Michael Grant of the Faculty of Medicine is conducting research on the Immunology of HIV infection - entitled "Immune Markers and Determinants of Disease Progression in HIV Infection". The objective of the research is to identify characteristic changes in immune system, particularly within the CD8+ T lymphocyte population, that are associated with or predict disease progression in HIV infection. He has identified a subset of CD8+ T lymphocytes that kill uninfected lymphocytes and is currently studying the role of these T cells in disease progression as defined by clinical and clinical laboratory parameters. This CD8+ T cell subset can be phenotypically distinguished and he is also investigating the molecular genetics of this subset to develop a better understanding of the mechanism(s) underlying their selective expansion as HIV disease progresses.


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