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Links to Other Health Sciences Research Resources on the Internet

The following are links to other sites that we believe may be important resources for researchers and stakeholders of health sciences research. If you would like to have your site added to this page, please contact:

AAMC (bi-weekly) Fact Sheet

Atlantic Canada Medical Research Compendium

Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment

Canadian Diabetes Association

Canadian Health Network

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canadian Space Agency - Space Science Program

CBHR Site Reviewed by Science's "Next Wave"

Coalition for Biomedical and Health Research.

Community Health - St. John's Region

Contact Canada

Department of Industry, Trade and Technology

Federal Budget 1997, Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

Funding Agencies and Other Organizations of Interest

Health Care Corporation of St. John's

Health Care Information Resources

Health Economics Resource Page

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Hospital Home Pages in the U.S. and Around the World (Global)

Human Investigation Committee

International Health Care Research Guide

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine

Memorial University of Newfoundland Office of Research

Medical Research Council of Canada

National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Group

National Cancer Institute of Canada

National Health Research Development Program

Newsletter for Graduate Students

Networks of Centres of Excellence

Ontario Health Care Evaluation Network

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada

Statistics Canada

Sympatico Health


World Health Organization

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