The Newfoundland and Labrador Health Research Network

Faculty of Medicine
1997 - 1998

Bowmer, I. -The Impact of Psycho-Social Counselling on the Care of Persons Living with HIV.
-Community Health Resource Project - Newfoundland
-Health Canada
-Health Canada
Carayanniotis, G. -Immunoregulation of Experimental Autoimmune Thyroiditis -MRC $53,130
Corbett, D. R. -Cerebral Ischemia and Neuroprotection
-Postischemic Hypothermia
-Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
Foley, R. N. -Comparative Mortality of Maintenance Remodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis -Kidney Foundation $40,000
Gillespie, L. -Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor Isoforms in Vertebrae Embryonic Development
-Growth Factor Regulated Expression of a Metastasis-associated Gene During Embryonic Development

-Cancer Research Society

Grant, M. -Immune Markers and Determinants of Disease Progression in HIV Infection
-Immunopathogenesis of HIV Infection
-Health & Welfare Canada
Green, J. S. -Hereditary Diseases in Newfoundland -Network for Centres of Excellence $50,000
Ives, E. J. -Genetic Deafness Research -National Institute of Health $10,616
Kaiser, S. M. -Calcium Regulatin Hormones in the Control of Cellular Proliferation and Differentiation -MRC $47,500
Kao, K. R. -A Novel Rel Gene Important for Development -MRC $13,300
Liepens, A. -Patch-clamp Analysis of Tata-binding Protein Interactions with Nuclear Pores -MRC $45,604
McLean, J. H. -Making Memories: The Role of Serotonin and Norepinephrine in Early Learning -MRC $40,142
Mearow, K. -Regulation of Neurite Growth by Neurotrophins in Compartmented Cultures -- Neuroscience Network
-Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Neuronal Plasticity
-Network for Centres of Excellence

Michalak, T. I. -Pathogenicity of Liver Disease in Woodchuck Hepadnaviral Hepatitis -MRC $32,702
Moody-Corbett, F. L. -Developmental Regulation of Membrane in Channels in Skeletal Muscle -NSERC $19,300
Neville, D. -What are the Key Factors and Process Associated with Sustained Environmental Change Supportive of Health Promotion? -Health & Welfare Canada - NHRDP $114,150
Pater, A. -Steroids, HPV 16, Infection and Hormone-resistant Oncogenesis
-Transcription Regulation by Bag-1 for Human JC Virus, HPV and Cancer
-Oncogenesis of Cervical Cells and Genes, HPV16, HPV18 and Environment
-National Cancer Institute
Paterno, G. D. -Expression and Functional Characterization of GABAa ReceptorIsoforms in a Pluripotent Cell Line -MRC $43,092
Robb, J. D. -Prognostic Parameters in Breast Cancer -Cancer Research Society $20,000
Segovia, J. -Newfoundland Panel on Health and Medical Care -Health & Welfare Canada - NHRDP $68,650
Tabrizchi, R. -Control of Vascular Smooth Muscle Tone -NSERC $25,000
Van Vliet, B. N. -Consequences of BP Variability -MRC $37,067
Vasdev, S. -Role of Endogenous Aldehydes in Essential Hypertension -MRC
-Heart & Stroke Foundation
West, R. -Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Prescription Drug Use and Complicated Diverticular Disease -MRC $41,836
Worrall, G. J. -A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Strategy for Implementing Clinical Practice Guidelines for Depression in Family Practice -MRC $24,096

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