Our "Keys" to Success

The School of Music is one of Memorial University's most visible and effective links to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. Increasingly, we are a national educator of choice for the highest calibre of student. We represent the highest standard of musical excellence whether through superb alumni playing in Canada's premier orchestras, dedicated music educators in demand across Canada, or award winning faculty and graduate student researchers.

Our fleet of pianos is as essential to the delivery of our program as the space itself. Every student who comes through one of the undergraduate music programs must become proficient on the piano. Even today, as it's always been, piano proficiency is an axiom of professional music training.

The piano fleet at the School of Music has become too old for us to effectively educate our students. Of the 56 pianos in the School of Music, only one has seen fewer than 20 years of service - five have given more than 40 years of service. Our pianos are in constant use: for concert performance, classroom demonstration, studio teaching and in every single practice room. Many pianos are played up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week!

In order to repair and replace our current fleet the School of Music is proud to announce the Keys to Success fundraising campaign. Our objectives are to:

> replace 25 upright pianos & eight grand pianos
> repair ten upright pianos

Donor Opportunity

The Keys to Success Campaign is a three-year initiative to replace and repair our piano fleet. Memorial University has recognized that this campaign is vital to the School of Music and has committed one-third (approximately $167,000) of the estimated cost. Additionally, Memorial will match every donation up to a maximum of $166,500. So donors have the opportunity to double their impact with each gift!

University contribution $167,000
Private sector fundraising goal $166,500
University match $166,500
TOTAL $500,000

Building a Legacy

This renewed stock of pianos will provide critical service to those who depend on them - the students; music faculty; and the many community music groups who use our facilities - for decades to come. Join us in continuing to represent the highest standard of musical excellence.

If you would like to donate click here, or for more information contact:

Sean Panting
Development Officer
School of Music
Memorial University of Newfoundland
sean.panting@mun.ca / 709 864 7539