Composition and Theory

Joe Argentino, theory
Clark Ross, composition
Andrew Staniland, composition, electronic music, arranging


Jason Caslor, instrumental
Jakub Martinec, choral
Vernon Regehr, instrumental


Bill Brennan, jazz ensemble and gamelan
Karen Bulmer, brass ensemble
Jason Caslor, wind ensemble
Nathan Cook, chamber music
Jakub Martinec, festival and chamber choirs
Eldon Murray, opera workshop
Rob Power, percussion ensemble
Vernon Regehr, chamber orchestra
Caroline Schiller, opera workshop

Music Education

Ki Adams
Andrea Rose


Beverley Diamond, ethnomusicology
Holly Everett, ethnomusicology, folklore
Tom Gordon, musicology, ethnomusicology 
Jane Gosine, musicology
Paul Rice, musicology
Kati Szego, ethnomusicology
Cory Thorne, ethnomusicology, folklore
Ellen Waterman, ethnomusicology


Ki Adams, organ
Bill Brennan, percussion
Karen Bulmer, low brass
Christine Carter, single reeds
Michelle Cheramy, flute 
Daryl Collins, guitar techniques
Nancy Dahn, violin and viola
Valerie Holden, oboe
Alan Klaus, trumpet and horn
Jane Leibel, voice
Shelley Neville, voice
Mary O'Keeffe, harpsichord
Rob Power, percussion
Sylvie Proulx, guitar
Vernon Regehr, cello and double bass
Phil Roberts, piano
Caroline Schiller, voice
Timothy Steeves, piano
Kristina Szutor, piano
Maureen Volk, piano

Traditional Music

Jim Payne, accordion
Christina Smith, fiddle

Adjunct Professors

Meghan Forsyth, ethnomusicology
Anna Guigne, ethnomusicology
Kristin Harris Walsh, ethnomusicology

Professional Associates

Susan LeMessurier Quinn, music therapy
Kellie Walsh, choral conducting

Postdoctoral Fellows

Chris Tonelli, International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation