Ways to Give

Are you an individual who is concerned about your community?

Are you willing to be a donor so that others can achieve their goals and dreams?

Are you wondering what your donation can do? For the price of a coffee and muffin every day, you could supply groceries to those in need or access to career training to someone with a disability. Or instead of buying one bottle of water a week, you can help five at-risk youth learn how to improve their literacy and communication skills.

Here's a list of how your spare change can make big difference.

We hope you will join us!

How do you become involved?

Become involved by:

  • Volunteering to organize a fundraising activity in your department, faculty or school
  • making a pledge to United Way just once, or regularly through payroll deductions


Small space with big goals: United Way support helps foster non-traditional learning

“Not everyone’s learning fits into an institutional or school setting, nor should it have to... Actually, in the best case scenarios there is no end to getting an education, we just keep learning.”

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Donations come full circle

“All the dreams that you have as a parent for your child are immediately put on hold... By supporting United Way, you are helping families during their most difficult time."

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This meal brought to you in part by the United Way

“By donating to the payroll campaign, Memorial employees are helping organizations like us to provide much needed services in the community and are helping to make our society a better place.”

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