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About Us



Founded in 2013 by Himanshu Ragtah and Udayraj Mandke, MUN Robotics Club is a student-run robotics and mechatronics club on campus. Open to all memorial undergraduate and graduate students. This club brings together Memorial university's undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the fields of Robotics, Mechatronics, Virtual Reality, Automation, Intelligent Systems, etc.

Current endeavours include: Paradigm Hyperloop (previously OpenLoop) with SpaceX Hyperloop Competition, Olympus Airlock with Mars competition.

What we do

We nurture a fun environment that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and mentorship opportunities and aim to foster research initiatives on robotics at the undergraduate level.

i.  Projects : We aim to engage our members in innovative and challenging projects. This will not only give them experience working as a team but also help them discover their passion.

ii. Annual Competitions : Competitions allow our members to learn and develop essential workplace skills an expand their knowledge. It also allows our members to network and foster relationships with industry leaders other people with similar interests.

iii. Student Outreach : We strive to connect our members with industry leaders and create a strong robotics community.


If you have any ideas for projects feel free to post them on our facebook group page and efforts will be made to pursue them.

So let's get ready to design tomorrow. A single project at a time.