Minutes of the MUNFA General Meeting
Tuesday, October 22, 1996 - 7:30 p.m.
HSC Main Auditorium

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College participated by teleconference.

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, John C. Bear, President of MUNFA. The Chair noted that several documents were distributed to the MUNFA membership prior to the General Meeting (Information Bulletins 1996/97:04 and 1996/97:09). The report s of the Employee Assistance Advisory Committee and the MUNFA Status of Academic Women Committee were distributed at the General Meeting.

  1. Approval of Agenda

    (G96:009) MOVED (B. Schrank/C. Dennis) that the agenda be approved as circulated to the MUNFA membership.
    Motion Carried

  2. Approval of Minutes of General Meeting of April 16, 1996

    (G96:010) MOVED (C. Dennis/A. Redlack) that the minutes of the General Meeting of April 16, 1996 be approved.
    Motion Carried

  3. Matters Arising from Minutes of General Meeting of April 16, 1996

    1. Cooperative Education Coordinators (CECs): The MUNFA President reported that he spoke with the liaison person representing the CECs, who indicated that they are continuing to appraise the matter of their certification in the MUNFA bargaining unit.

    2. T4s/T4As: The MUNFA President reported that the University Administration had decided to report income from extra teaching on T4s. The MUNFA Executive was recently apprised of a policy on a 'General Research Pool' (ref. MUN's Policies and Procedures R-4). This pool may be used to accumulate payments for extra teaching. A copy of the policy can be obtained from the MUNFA office.

    3. A-89-03 (Y-value): The MUNFA President reported that a Supreme Court hearing date has been set for November 7, 1996, on the question of whether MUNFA's appeal of the Appeal Court's decision to overturn the Y-value arbitration decision (A-89-03) is moot.

    4. MUNFA staff: The MUNFA President reported that a one-year review of the MUNFA Secretary, Ms. K. O'Reilly, was completed; the review was entirely satisfactory. The other MUNFA staff are Ms. M. Atkinson, Executive Officer and Ms. J. Diamond-Strong, Administrative Secretary.

    5. Treasurer's Report/Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Programme (VERIP): The Treasurer and the MUNFA Executive reviewed MUNFA's finances in light of the early retirement program taken by some MUNFA members. MUNFA's income and expenditures remain in balance.

    6. Information Sessions with Chairs of P&T Committees and Administrators: The MUNFA President reported that the University Administration and MUNFA will hold information sessions for Chairs of P&T Committees and Administrators; these are scheduled for November 7 at 2:30 p.m. in EN4002 and November 8 at 2:30 p.m. in A2029.

  4. Academic Freedom & Grievance Committee - Terms of Reference for Approval

    The MUNFA President reported that the proposed amendments to the Terms of Reference of the Academic Freedom and Grievance Committee were distributed with Information Bulletin 1996/97:04. These Terms of Reference originated in 1980 and have been amended at General Meetings of April 7, 1983, October 29, 1986, April 21, 1992 and October 22, 1996.

    (G96:011) MOVED (P.F. Rice/B. Schrank) that the Terms of Reference of the Academic Freedom and Grievance Committee be accepted as amended.

    (G96:012) MOVED (G. Paterno/C. Dennis) that Item E(xii) be revised so that "three teaching remissions" be changed to "three course".

    A vote on Amendment G96:012 was taken.

    Amendment Carried

    A vote on Main Motion G96:011 was taken.
    Motion Carried

  5. President's Report

    Dr. Bear reported that the affairs of the university and the association have proceeded relatively smoothly since the last MUNFA General Meeting. In particular, financial exigency has not occurred. Thirty-nine (39) MUNFA members took the early retirement offer made in the spring. Of these 39, twelve (12) were already proceeding to retirement under the conditions offered since 1993.

    The MUNFA Executive has been operating as usual, spending considerable time on the Administration's deviations from the Collective Agreement, particularly as regards administrative and other appointments. The report of the Academic Freedom and Grievance Committee amplifies on these issues.

    The three National Research Councils have released a Draft National Code on Research Ethics. Interested members can refer to the September issue of the 'CAUT Bulletin' where it is extensively discussed.

    MUNFA has continued its support of initiatives coordinated by the Canadian Federation of Students to protest federal government cuts to post-secondary education funding.

    A MUNFA webpage has been completed by Ms. K. O'Reilly (MUNFA Secretary) with assistance from, in particular, Ms. A. Lonardo (Q.E. II Library).

  6. Treasurer's Report

    The membership received a copy of the financial statement for the fiscal year 1995-96. Dr. A. Redlack (MUNFA Treasurer) reported that MUNFA finances are in good order. The year-end audit has just been completed and indicates no deficiencies. As noted above (3e), the impact of early retirements on MUNFA finances has been assessed; at this time it appears income and expenditure can remain in balance over the next five years.

  7. CAUT Defence Fund

    W. E. Schrank (Economics) and J. Evans (Psychology) are MUNFA's Defence fund trustees. Schrank reported that a recent meeting of the CAUT Defence Fund was held in Montreal where a vote was taken to support a potential strike at Trent.

    The expiration of the NDP Social Contract has opened negotiations at several Ontario universities. Wilfred Laurier has been experiencing difficulties with its administration similar to those experienced by MUNFA.

    The CAUT Defence Fund spent slightly under $700,000 supporting the strike in Manitoba. Nevertheless, the CAUT Defence Fund presently stands at $9.7 million and continues to grow.

  8. Collective Agreement Administration

    1. Report from AF&G Committee: A report from the AF&G Committee was circulated prior to the General Meeting. The AF&G Chair was not in attendance but other AF&G Committee members were present to respond to any questions.

      Dr. J. Duffy (Psychology, SWGC) asked whether the St. John's AF&G Committee could elaborate on workload equivalency reports. Bernice Schrank reported that the special committees required by Clause 3.12 have met, but equivalency determinations arising out of the Committees' reports are not yet known. Dr. Schrank noted that the effect of the new workload clause is that everyone's teaching load rises to the norm (as per Appendix E), with decreases provided under Clause 3.20. Instead, reductions for administrative duties are being granted. Workload looks very much as it has always looked. The AF&G Committee presently has approximately seven grievances tied in to Clause 3.20.

      There was considerable discussion of this issue, which is at present not resolved.

    2. Joint Association/University Relations Committee: Bear reported that the MUNFA representatives to the JAUREC have met with the administration four times since the April General Meeting. This Committee's purpose is to foster communications between the administration and the association. Bear provided examples of topics discussed:

      1. enquiries of the administration to obtain documentation that the Collective Agreement requires them to give us, i.e. MUNFA has not received complete documentation of all early retirements;

      2. MUNFA now, as a result of an arbitration, receives regular information regarding travel funds provided to faculty (Clause 26.02 of the Collective Agreement);

      3. lists of term appointments (invariably received late).

      MUNFA is also using the forum of JAUREC to ask for budget estimates--these were made available to us during negotiations, but we are told that new budget estimates are not finalized. Recently some progress was made in JAUREC at clarifying the status of Memorial in the Tri-Council's framework policy on integrity and scholarship.

      MUNFA spent some time clarifying that status of information about ASMs on the university's Banner system. In some instance the names of ASMs can be extracted on Banner. We were advised that ASM personal files are maintained quite separate from Banner.

      After repeatedly raising the matter at JAUREC, MUNFA has extracted from the administration an agreement that when they make representations to the providers of LTD, the information will be copied to that ASMs personal file. This will provide the ASM with all information that the administration is providing to the carrier. Members were advised that if they have been on LTD, or know a colleague who has, they should review their personal file to ensure that this information is accurate.

    3. Report of Joint Sexual Harassment Advisory Board: A written report of the MUNFA representatives to the Sexual Harassment Advisory Board was circulated.

  9. MUNFA Committee Reports

    1. Status of Academic Women Committee: A report from the Status of Academic Women Committee was distributed at the General Meeting. Dr. A. Chandna (Chair) highlighted three items:

      1. the CAUT Status of Academic Women conference was held in Halifax this year and two members from Memorial attended the conference which was funded by the MUNFA Executive.

      2. Dr. Chandna then discussed the proposed amalgamation of the Sexual Harassment Advisor and the Employment Equity Officer positions. Dr. Chandna expressed the concern of the Status of Academic Women that they were not consulted and that MUNFA was not taking an active role in this matter.

      3. Dr. Chandna referred to a recent hearing held in accordance with Appendix C of the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement 'University-Wide Procedures on Sexual Harassment Complaints.' Dr. Chandna asked for clarification of MUNFA's role in the hearing.

      Dr. Bear replied first to the amalgamation of the Sexual Harassment Advisor/Employment Equity Officer positions. This amalgamation was considered carefully by the MUNFA Executive and MUNFA's representatives to the Sexual Harassment Board, and a member of the Status of Academic Women Committee was also a member of the Executive during these discussions. MUNFA and the administration have agreed to a timed-limited merger of the two positions to be reviewed after an appropriate interval to determine whether the arrangement is satisfactory.

      Dr. Bear explained briefly that in the hearing held in accordance with Appendix C, the subject of the complaint was accompanied by three advisors, as provided in university-wide policy. One was a member of the MUNFA Executive but was not participating in that capacity.

    2. Pension Committee: Dr. R. Clark (Chair, MUNFA Pensions Committee) and one of the MUNFA representatives to the University Pensions Committee amplified the written Report circulated to MUNFA members.

      Dr. Clark reported that the administration is withholding $6.9 million from the fund, and, as well, 50% of the salaries and benefits of the Human Resources personnel who handle pensions and benefits are now being paid from the fund. In May the Board of Regents approved in principle a new Supplemental Retirement Income Plan. MUNFA has not received a copy of the financial consultant's Report on the implications of this Supplemental Plan, nor was the University Pensions Committee consulted. MUNFA has received a copy of the agreement participants in the Supplemental Plan will sign. MUNFA will pursue this matter with the University Administration.

      (G96:013) MOVED (H. Gaskill/R. Moore-Orr) that the MUNFA Executive be asked to strike a committee to immediately look into issues relating to pensions and how MUNFA might get increased control of pensions during the next several years.

      Bear noted that the MUNFA Pension Committee is currently doing this, and R. Clark reported that the MUNFA Pension Committee expected to report to the Executive shortly. Atkinson reminded the meeting that a Committee had explored options with Coopers/Lybrand two years ago, and that there was input for proposals during the last round of negotiations. In the event the issue was not opened for negotiation. The information is on file for future reference.

      It was agreed to amend the motion to:

      (G96:013) MOVED (R. Clark/H. Gaskill) that on receipt of a report from the MUNFA Pension Committee on means of increasing members' control of the pension plan, the Executive will strike a committee to consider the report and be prepared for the 1999 round of negotiations to bring pension plan governance into the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement.
      Motion Carried

      It was further agreed that MUNFA would seek a legal opinion on the Supplemental Retirement Income Plan.

    3. Scholarship Committee: A report of the MUNFA Scholarship Committee was distributed to the MUNFA membership prior to the General Meeting. The President noted that MUNFA has received many gratifying letters of thanks from the scholarship recipients.

    4. Employee Assistance Program Advisory Committee: A report was distributed at the meeting. The University has switched from an internal program to a commercial provider. This will slightly change the process of using the EAP. A revised Terms of Reference for the EAP has been drafted.

    5. Economic Benefits Committee: Dr. J. Snook (Chair, MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee reported that MUNPA (MUN Pensioners Association) has contacted the Committee to advise that the administration had promised them full benefit coverage to pre-1993 retirees but were now phasing in cost sharing. Many pensioners cannot afford the expense.

      (G96:014) MOVED (J. Snook/H. Gaskill) that MUNFA support the pensioners in their opposition to increases in benefits costs.

      (G96:015) MOVED (B. Schrank/A. Rahman) that Main Motion G96:014 be amended so that "support the pensioners" be replaced by "submit documentation regarding this matter to the MUNFA lawyer and CAUT lawyers for advice. On the basis of that advice, the Executive, in consultation with the MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee, will determine the level and nature of support to make available to the pensioners..."

      (G96:016) MOVED (W. Schrank/H. Gaskill) that Amendment G96:015 be amplified by adding "Financial support in the first instance will not exceed $5,000, which is subject to the approval of the general MUNFA membership."

      A vote was taken on G96:016.
      Amendment to Amendment Carried

      A vote was taken on G96:015.
      Amendment Carried

      A vote was taken on Main Motion.
      Main Motion Carried
  10. Adjournment

    (E96:017) MOVED (G. Paterno/N. Golfman) that the meeting adjourn.
    Motion Carried

John C. Bear, Ph.D.
President, MUNFA
Approved at General Meeting April 9, 1997

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