October 29, 2002
7:30 p.m., HSC Main Auditorium

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, William Schipper (MUNFA President).SWGC participated by telecommunications.

  1. Approval of Agenda

    (G02:011) MOVED (J. Church/C. Dennis) that the agenda be accepted.

  2. Approval of Minutes of April 17, 2002

    (G02:012) MOVED (P.F. Rice/T. Hannah) that the General Meeting minutes of April 17, 2002 be accepted.

  3. Matters Arising from General Meeting minutes of April 17, 2002

    1. Cooperative Education Coordinators (CECs): Dr. Schipper reported that the Labour Relations Board ruled on October 1, 2002, that the CECS be included in the MUNFA bargaining unit. The university has 90 days to appeal the order.

    2. CAUT Academic Freedom Fund: MUNFA's first payment to the Academic Freedom Fund was made in accordance with Motion G02:004 that MUNFA contribute up to $10 per bargaining unit member to the Fund.

  4. President's Report

    1. 2002-03 Executive members: N. Roy as MUNFA Past President was unavailable to serve for the 2002-03 term. Nominations were sought by the Nominating and Balloting Committee in accordance with the MUNFA Constitution. Denis Mulcahy (Education) was elected by acclamation.

    2. Negotiations: Dr. Schipper reported that on July 18, 2002 MUNFA informed the administration that MUNFA wanted to open the six articles that the parties had previously agreed upon (workload, leaves, term appointments, equity, CECs, and salary). The Proposals Committee, chaired by Dr. Jon Church, worked most of the summer to prepare revised wording of the six articles. The draft proposals were distributed to the membership and an Information Meeting held in September 2002 to discuss the proposals. Negotiations began in early October. Dr. Church (Chief Negotiator) will report later in this meeting.

    3. Association grievances: Grievance A-01-01 (course evaluations) was heard at arbitration on September 18-19, 2002. Written briefs of both parties have been submitted to the arbitration board. Association grievances that were filed and are awaiting scheduling or are at the Step 2 process include:

      Grievance A-02-04 concerns what constitutes membership in the bargaining unit. This grievances arises from a case in Education in which someone who was seconded to teach in the Faculty was told she was not a member of the bargaining unit.

      Grievance A-02-03 was filed on the university's failure to pay its share of pension contributions during the strike. This grievance has been resolved and the university's contributions made.

      Grievance A-02-05 grieved a policy in the Faculty of Arts which makes it mandatory to deposit remuneration for overload teaching in a research pool account, although the Collective Agreement provides for choice in how remuneration is to be paid.

      Grievance A-02-08 is at Step 2 of the grievance process. A Step 2 meeting with the administration was held and MUNFA awaits their response. The grievance was filed alleging that the university failed to give adequate notice that the roof on the Science Building was being re-tarred.

    4. NUCAUT (National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers): In accordance with Motion G01:016 MUNFA joined NUCAUT. Dr. Schipper reported that he attended the NUCAUT congress meetings in June 2002.

  5. Treasurer's Report

    The Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year 2001-2002 were distributed to the membership (Information Bulletin 2002/03:12).

  6. CAUT Defence Fund

    MUNFA trustees to the CAUT Defence Fund are Dr. William Schrank (Economics) and Ms. Angela Lonardo (Queen Elizabeth II Library), and Alternate Trustee Dr. William Schipper. The Defence Fund met in St. John's in October. The Defence Fund remains in a healthy position. The current balance is over $13m.

  7. Report from the MUNFA Negotiating Committee

    Dr. Jon Church (Chief Negotiator) reported. The Parties have met three times beginning on October 7, 2002. MUNFA passed their complete proposals on the six articles. The administration have responded with only four articles. The two excluded concern the CECs and salaries.

  8. Collective Agreement Administration

    1. Report of Academic Freedom & Grievance Committee: The annual report 2001-02 was distributed to the membership (Information Bulletin 2002/03:10) Dr. Ted Hannah (AF&G Chair) reviewed the written report with the membership.

      Dr. Bernice Schrank (English) completed her term on the committee and Professor Kjellrun Hestekin (Music) was appointed for a three-year term.

    2. Report of Joint Association/University Relations Committee: Dr. Schipper reported that the Joint Committee meets every two months in accordance with the Collective Agreement, but because of the schedules of members of both MUNFA and the administration, the Joint Committee has not met since April 2002. The committee is scheduled to meet on October 31, 2002.

  9. MUNFA Committee Reports

    1. MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee: The report of the MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee was distributed to the membership (Information Bulletin 2002:03:10). Dr. Jean Snook (Chair) spoke to the report and noted that she was also on the Wellness and Healthy Living Committee. Dr. Snook noted that a questionnaire will be distributed to each member requesting input on how to improve conditions at the university. Dr. Snook asked that MUNFA members pay particular attention to the questionnaire section on a scent-free workplace..

    2. MUNFA Pensions Committee: The written report of the MUNFA Pension Committee was distributed (Information Bulletin 2002/03:10).

    3. Report of MUNFA Scholarship Trust Fund Endowment Committee. The report of this committee was distribute to the membership (Information Bulletin 2002/03:10).

    4. Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The report of the MUNFA representative to the EAP (Kjellrun Hestekin) was distributed at the meeting.

  10. Any Other Business There was no other business for discussion.

  11. Adjournment

    (G02:013) MOVED (T. Hannah/C. Youé) that the meeting adjourn. MOTION CARRIED

Tony Chadwick for Dr. W. Schipper
MUNFA President
April 18, 2003

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