October 23, 2001
HSC Main Auditorium

SWGC participated by teleconference.

The meeting was called to order.

  1. Approval of Agenda

    (G01:018) MOVED (J. Bear/J. Church) that the agenda be approved.


  2. Approval of Minutes of General Meeting of April 17, 2001

    (G01:019) MOVED (J. Bear/N. Roy) that the minutes of the General Meeting of April 17, 2001 be approved.


  3. Matters Arising from Minutes of General Meeting of April 17, 2001

    1. Cooperative Education Cooperators (CECs): In June 2001 the court hearing took place on adding the CECs to the MUNFA bargaining unit. The court found that "natural justice" had been violated by the Labour Relations Board in one aspect of the Board's procedure. MUNFA's request to amend its Certification Order has gone back to the Board and we await a ruling.

    2. Pensions: MUNFA has finalized arrangements with Conrad Ferguson, an actuary with the firm of Morneau Sobeco in Fredericton, to undertake a feasibility study for a separate pension plan for faculty, as per Clause 31.71 of the Collective Agreement.

    3. Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Labour: MUNFA has joined the provincial association and a representative attended a convention in September 2001.

  4. President's Report

    1. Executive Committee members: Dr. Schipper reported that Dr. Richard Rivkin (Ocean Sciences Centre) was elected to the Executive to replace Faith Balisch (English) who resigned for personal reasons.

    2. Association Grievance A-01-01 (Course Evaluations): An association grievance was filed in March on the course evaluations being set in motion by Senate on the grounds that the administration's use of the Senate to attempt to impose universal evaluations is an attempt to circumvent the Collective Agreement. The arbitration hearing is scheduled for September 17-18, 2002.

    3. Report of AF&G Triennial Review Committee: The report of the Triennial Review Committee mandated by the Terms of Reference of the Academic Freedom & Grievance Committee has been completed. The Executive Committee has not yet had a chance to discuss it. The report will be circulated to the general membership soon, and will be discussed at the next general meeting.

    4. Implementation of Collective Agreement: One of MUNFA's central concerns has been the implementation of the current Collective Agreement. There have been some problems, involving for example the equity provisions and the timing of time-sensitive procedures such as tenure review, most of which have been settled through memoranda of agreement with the Administration. The Executive have observed that not all the provisions are being followed, and especially not some of the new ones. The Executive remain vigilant in drawing these to the administration's attention as MUNFA become aware of them.

    5. Negotiation: The current Collective Agreement was signed on January 25, 2001. It can come up for reconsideration no more than ninety days before August 31, 2002. Representatives of the MUNFA Executive have had some talks with senior administrators about how to proceed when the time comes, and if one of the parties elects to reopen the agreement. MUNFA has proposed that only selected articles be opened in that case, and this suggestion met with some approval by the administration. Another meeting is scheduled for November to see if some agreement on procedures can be reached.

    6. Arbitrations and grievances: One arbitration was held on a grievance for dismissal for cause. The grievance was upheld and a letter of discipline was sent. There are a number of grievances arising from this case still scheduled for arbitration that address important procedural issues such as proper notification of allegations. We are attempting to negotiate settlements for all of these. Several other grievances are scheduled for arbitration on matters such as accommodation and on discipline.

  5. Treasurer's Business

    The financial statements for the fiscal year 2000-2001 were distributed to the membership (IB 2001/02:12).

  6. CAUT Defence Fund

    Dr. W. Schrank reported that the Defence Fund held its October meeting in Sudbuy, Ontario. The fund currently has a balance of $12.5 m. The fund is presently supporting two faculty associations who are on strike: University of Manitoba Faculty Association and the Laval University Faculty Association.

    Dr. Schrank reported that the faculty at the University of PEI have certified and joined the CAUT Defence Fund. The University of Regina Faculty Association has also joined the Fund.

    Dr. Schrank noted that Ms. Angela Lonardo (QEII Library) remains on the Policy and Planning Committee of the CAUT Defence Fund.

  7. Collective Agreement Administration

    1. Report of AF&G Committee: The report of the AF&G Committee was distributed to the membership (IB 2001/02:12).

    2. Report of Joint Association/University Relations Committee: The President reported that the Joint committee has met monthly and has attempted to deal with a number of issues: pensions, anomalies in teaching term appointments, potential for conflict of interest in the structure of several search committees, Canada Research Chairs, questions of course equivalencies and some step adjustments that should have been made. The step adjustments have now been corrected and the ASMs are on scale where they should be.

  8. MUNFA Committee Reports

    1. MUNFA Pensions Committee: Dr. J. C. Bear reported that pursuant to the new Collective Agreement an actuary was appointed to conduct a feasibility study (Clause 31.42). The University Pensions Committee has been primarily involved in a rather extensive policy review.

      Following Dr. Bear's report, there was a discussion by the membership of the pension fund as well as the ongoing study concerning a separate pension plan for faculty.

    2. MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee: The report of the MUNFA Economic Benefits was distributed to membership (IB 2001/02:12).

    3. MUNFA Scholarships Committee: The report of the Scholarships Committee was distributed at the meeting.

  9. Any Other business

    Dr. D. Burton (Biology) noted that it was his first meeting as a retired member. He reported that there are a number of pensioners concerned that there had been no overall increase in pensions over 12 years. There are currently some people on very low pensions. He asked whether it would it be possible to use any surplus in the pension fund for those long time retirees. Dr. Schipper responded that Dr. Burton's suggestion will be directed to the MUNFA Pensions Committee for consideration.

  10. Adjournment

    (G01:020) MOVED (B. Schrank/J. Church) that the meeting adjourn.


Dr. W. Schipper
MUNFA President
Approved by Membership April 17, 2002.

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