October 31, 2000
8:00 p.m.
Holy Heart of Mary Auditorium

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Noel Roy, President of MUNFA. Ron Richards(SWGC Chapter Vice-Chairperson) coordinated participation from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College via a teleconference hook-up.

1. Approval of Agenda

(G00:006) MOVED (J. Bear/A. Lonardo) that the agenda be approved.


2. Negotiating Committee business

W. E. Schrank, Chief Negotiator, reported on the current status of negotiations. After the strike deadline of 7:45 a.m. today had passed without a negotiated agreement, the Parties took a break in order to work on consolidation of the current status of proposals. The Negotiating Committee was doing this in an attempt to make a clear summary of the outstanding issues and positions which Dr. Schrank reviewed for the membership. In closing, Dr. Schrank reiterated that it is important that MUNFA continue to have a strong strike in order to achieve its negotiation goals.

(G00:007) MOVED (W.E. Schrank/J. Church) that the Negotiating Committee persist in its efforts to obtain a settlement in salary, workload, other financial issues and remaining language matters that is fair and equitable to all MUNFA members.

The Chair reported to the meeting that the MUNFA Executive has agreed that if the motion is defeated, the Executive will understand the wish of the meeting is to end the strike.

The floor was opened to the membership for extensive discussion of this motion. Following a vote to order the Previous Question, and after a ruling from the Chair that in accordance with Article XIV(1) of the MUNFA Constitution, only members of the Association who are also members of the MUNFA Bargaining Unit may participate in the vote, the main motion was put.

Vote on G00:007
Yeas - 307 Nays - 167

(G00:008) MOVED (C. Sharpe/R. Adamec) that the MUNFA membership instructs the MUNFA executive to distribute to the members of the bargaining unit the text of all articles in the Collective Agreement on which agreement with the administration has been reached, and the text of the proposals made by the administration for all remaining articles. The text should be made available to the membership no later than Thursday, 2 November 2000.

The Chair ruled that in accordance with Article XIV(1) of the MUNFA Constitution, only members of the Association who are also members of the MUNFA Bargaining Unit may participate in the vote on this motion.

Vote on G00:008
Yeas - 160 Nays - 251

The Chief Negotiator announced to the meeting that notwithstanding the failure of the previous motion, the Negotiating Committee will be posting the texts of all articles that had been signed and agreed to by the Parties on the MUNFA Strike web page.

(G00:009) MOVED (C. Sharpe/R. Adamec) that the membership instructs the MUNFA Executive to hold a special general meeting for the purposes specified in the call for the meeting "to discuss, and entertain motions concerning the current negotiations with the University administration" on or before Friday, 3 November, 2000.

The Chair ruled this motion out of order, citing the requirement in Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (9th Edition) 9, that in the case of special meetings, "notice of the time, place, and exact purpose of the meeting must be mailed to all members a reasonable number of days in advance."

(G00:010) MOVED (R. Adamec/C. Sharpe) to appeal the decision of the Chair.

Vote on G00:010

3. Adjournment

(G00:011) MOVED (/) that the meeting adjourn.


Meeting adjourned: 11:45 p.m.

Dr. Noel Roy
MUNFA President
Approved by Membership April 17, 2001.

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