MUNFA General Meeting
Monday, April 20, 2006
7:30 p.m.
HSC Main Adutiorium

The meeting was chaired by W. Schipper, MUNFA President. SWGC participated by teleconference.

  1. Approval of Agenda

    (G06:001) MOVED (Church/Hannah) that the agenda be accepted.


  2. President's Report

    Dr. Schipper reported that the 2006-07 Executive has been constituted. A number of current members are remaining on. Schipper welcomed Dr. Cathryn Button (Psychology) as a Member-At-Large (Elect).

    Dr. Schipper reported on the current state of negotiations. A long time for the parties to get together once the administration notified that they wished to open. The first Negotiating News has been distributed electronically. Paper copy will follow in the mail.

    Dr. Schipper reported on the campaign to organize per course instructors (PCIs). MUNFA submitted an application with the signed cards and a vote was then held in late November The vote resulted in a minor majority against certification.

    Dr. Schipper reported that there continues to be a delay in responses from the Division of Faculty Relations to MUNFA regarding grievances and arbitration scheduling. The Executive raised these outstanding issues at the last Joint meeting and there was some progress on some matters. Even so, MUNFA has since written to President Meisen requesting a meeting with him in order to express MUNFA's concern with these continued delays.

    Dr. Schipper also thanked the MUNFA staff for their work and assistance over the year.

  3. Treasurer's Report

    1. The Interim Financial Statement for 2005-06 and Proposed Budget for 2006-07 were distributed to the membership (Information Bulletin 2005/06:23. Dr. Ross Klein spoke to the statements.

      (G06:002) MOVED (Klein/Redlack) that:

        MUNFA members in the bargaining unit shall pay membership fees by payroll deduction at a rate of 8.5 mills (0.85%) of annual salary before any voluntary salary reductions for the purposes of using part of salary as a research grant. This shall include a $2 MUNFA Strike Fund Levy contribution to the MUNFA Strike Fund.

        MUNFA members who are excluded from the bargaining unit because of their status as clinical faculty or as administrators, shall pay membership fees at the mill rate based on the median salary for their rank among all other members of the bargaining unit, minus CAUT Defence Fund dues.

        MUNFA members who are Laboratory Instructors shall pay a membership fee of $115.00 per year.

        MUNFA members who are excluded from the bargaining unit because of their status as part-time or sessional instructors, shall pay membership fees at the mill rate of 8.5 mills (0.85%), minus CAUT Defence Fund dues.

        (Against: R. Sweeny, J. MacLean)

    2. The Executive received a notice of motion for an amendment to the MUNFA Constitution (Article XIII).

      (G06:003) MOVED (Redlack/Klein) that the fund shall be maintained at amount equivalent to $257,000 in 2005 dollars adjusted annually on the basis of the Consumer Price Index for St. John's for January of each year with the January 2005 Consumer Price Index as the base.
      Add Article XIII (p) to read "Every five (5) years, the Treasurer will inform the Executive of the new equivalent amount stated in Article XIII(I) and Article XIII(f) will be updated with the new equivalent amount and the year will also be updated."

      Dr. Noel Roy (Economics) asked that the Chair rule the Motion out of order given the wording of Article XIII (n) which states "Clauses (a), (b), (f), (h), (I), (j), (k), (l), (m) and (n) shall be irrevocable; the remaining clauses may be changed only by a resolution passed at each of two general meetings held in accordance with the Association's Constitution not less than twelve months nor more than eighteen months apart and in accordance with the voting provisions of Clause (I).

      The Chair ruled Motion G06:003 out of order.

      Redlack suggested that MUNFA seek a legal opinion. Schipper replied that the Executive will consider this item further.

    Status of Collective Bargaining

    Dr Jon Church as Chief Negotiator reported that the Negotiating News #1 was distributed on line with a hard copy to follow. The parties have met and exchanged paper a couple of times. Article 31 concerning money and benefits has not yet been placed on the table.

  4. CAUT Defence Fund

    Dr. Schipper reported as a Defence Fund Trustee. MUNFA has two other Defence Fund Trustees: Angela Lonardo (QEII Library) and George Jenner, Alternate (Earth Sciences). The current balance fo the Fund is approximately $18m. Dr. Schipper noted that two faculty associations (St. Thomas and Sudbury) voted in favor of a settlement just hours before their strike deadlines. The UPEI Faculty Association, however, were on strike for approximately two weeks before a settlement was reached. Dr. Schipper traveled to Charlottetown as a "flying picket" representative of the CAUT Defence Fund.

  5. Approval of Minutes of October 24, 2005

    (G06:004) MOVED (J. Church/R. Klein) that the minutes of the General Meeting of October 24, 2005 be accepted. MOTION CARRIED

  6. Business Arising from Minutes of October 24, 2005

    Dr. Schipper stated that there was no reports arising from the General Meeting of October 24, 2005.

  7. Collective Agreement Administration

    1. Report of the St. John's Academic Freedom & Grievance Committee:Dr. Ted Hannah (Chair) reported on the activities of the committee since October 2005. Since the October 2005 General Meeting AF&G have dealt with 29 queries and requests for advice, down from 70 for the same period last year. Four new individual grievances were filed, down from 14 last year. Five Individual and three Association grievances have been resolved or closed. There are currently 25 Individual grievances at various stages of the grievance and arbitration process, including 8 waiting for arbitration hearings or results. AF&G are concerned about the significant delays that are occurring in the grievance process. Six Association grievances are at various stages of the grievance/arbitration process. The issues involved in Individual grievances include the imposition of discipline, promotion, sabbatical leaves, cross-appointments, workload etc. Association grievances involve compulsory course evaluations, promotion and tenure processes, cross-appointments, etc. The Committee's minutes currently carry approximately 65 items.

      Since this was Dr. Hannah's last AGM report, he welcomed Kjellrun Hestekin as the incoming Chair. Dr. Hannah also thanked the numerous colleagues he worked with over the past several years on AF&G. Dr. Hannah expressed his appreciation to Jill Diamond-Strong for her excellent support and organizational skills and thanked the other staff, Kim O'Reilly and Marian Atkinson, and the MUNFA Executive which has always given the AF&G the support the committee needed to do their job effectively. Finally, Dr. Hannah thanked the many ASMs with whom he had the pleasure of working for and with. At the conclusion of his report, Dr. Schipper expressed the association's thanks for Dr. Hannah's many years of service.

    2. Report of the Joint Association/University Relations Committee: Dr. Schipper reported that the Joint Association/MUNFA Committee is required to meet every two months. Since the last report, the Joint have met twice. Some of the topics raised at the meetings include what cannot be included in letters of appointment. MUNFA insist that letters be consistent with the Collective Agreement. Another item on the Joint agenda concerns the accommodation of students with disabilities at SWGC. As well, a new Coop Education Centre was approved by the Board of Regents (this did not go to Senate). A final issue at Joint is the handling of the results of Course Evaluation Questionnaires (CEQs).

  8. MUNFA Committee Reports

    1. MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee: A report of the MUNFA Benefits Committee was distributed (IB 2005/06:23).

    2. Joint Equity Committee: A report from the MUNFA representatives to the Joint Equity Committee was distributed at the meeting.

    3. Sexual Harassment Board: A report from the MUNFA representatives to the Sexual Harassment Board was distributed at the meeting.

  9. Other Business

    Dr. Austin Redlack (Business) gave Notice of Motion for the October 2006 General Meeting.

    Add two clauses to Article XIII as follows:

    (p) "The $150,000 in 1983 dollars in clause XIII(f) is equivalent to $257,000 in 2005 dollars."

    (q) "Every 5 years, the Treasurer will inform the Executive of the new equivalent amount stated in clause XIII(f) and clause XIII (p) will be updated with the new equivalent amount and the year of equivalence will also be updated."

  10. Adjournment

    (G06:005) MOVED (J. Church) that the General Meeting adjourn.


Dr. W. Schipper
MUNFA President
Approved by the Membership, October 18, 2006

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