MUNFA General Meeting
Monday, April 11, 2005
7:30 p.m.
Lecture Theatre E, Health Sciences Centre

The meeting was chaired by W. Schipper, MUNFA President. SWGC participated by teleconference.

  1. Approval of Agenda

    (G05:001) MOVED (J. Snook/C. Dennis) that the agenda be accepted.

  2. President's Report

    Dr Schipper reported.

    Executive Committee: Austin Redlack, who has been Treasurer of the Association for nine years, is leaving the Executive. On behalf of the Executive Dr Schipper thanked Austin for his service. Dr Schipper also thanked Elizabeth Browne (Library) who resigned from the 2004-05 Executive. Sean Cadigan (History) was elected as a Member-at-Large of the 2005-06 Executive.

    Proposals: A proposals committee was struck in January to draft new proposals in the event that we enter negotiations for a new Collective Agreement. Clause 1.39 allows either side to give notice that it wants to begin negotiations during a 60 day period ending 30 days before August 31 (our calculations show that to be between April 26 or 27 and July 20 or 21). The Executive will be considering this important matter over the next few months.

    SWGC: At the end of November Dr Jon Church and Dr Schipper visited SWGC to meet with various individual members and groups of members.

    International matters: The 9/11 aftermath continues to have an effect on some of MUNFA members, and continue to receive information about ASMs who have had difficulties crossing the border into the US, or became the focus of attention by security services. Any member who is concerned about traveling abroad is invited to contact the MUNFA office.

    Pensions matters: MUNFA has had a number of meetings with representatives of other unions on campus to discuss pension issues. In particular several members of the Executive and the Pension Committee met with representatives of the NAPE and CUPE locals in December to discuss the second Morneau report. MUNFA is keeping the channels of communication open. The Executive also sent two representatives to the CAUT pension conference in February.

    Association Grievances:

    1. On March 7, 2005, an arbitration panel heard arguments on how the CEQs were being administered. In light of the new privacy legislation that has become law in both federal and provincial jurisdictions, the two sides also agreed to ask the panel to rule on whether publication of the results constituted a violation of the new privacy legislation.

    2. The continuing failure in the Faculty of Medicine to observe deadlines in promotion and tenure procedures, and to follow the Collective Agreement in how P&T committees conduct their business (A-04-03)

    3. We are also pursuing a grievance on the utter failure of the university to meet the ratios of students to Cooperative Education Co-ordinators in the faculty of engineering. Currently these ratios stand at more than 50 despite the limit of 42 agreed to in the Collective Agreement.

    Safety issues: MUNFA has had some disturbing reports about the condition of some elevators on campus. In particular, one MUNFA member was stuck for an hour between floors in the Education Building while maintenance staff, Campus Security, and personnel from the elevator maintenance company tried to free the member. We have brought this and other safety matters to the attention both of the administration directly, and to the joint OH&S committee. Of further concern is the deplorable condition of parts of the Science Building, where members have been hit by ceiling tiles falling on their heads, and some classrooms have perpetual leaks when it rains.

    Government White Paper on Post-Secondary Education: MUNFA was surprised to learn that none of the unions on campus, nor student organizations, had been listed as "stake holders" in the provincial government's white paper process. The Executive therefore submitted a document expressing both our concern at the lack of direct representation in the process from those who work in higher education, and expressing our views on some matters of concern. This document is available on the MUNFA website.

    In concluding the President's report, Dr Schipper thanked the MUNFA staff (Kim O'Reilly, Marian Atkinson and Jill Diamond-Strong) for their contributions to the work of the association.

    Dr Schipper asked if there were any questions or comments from the membership.

    Dr D. Steel, a retired Academic Staff Member and a pensioner, asked if the Executive will meet with pensioners similar to the meeting held with representatives of NAPE and CUPE. Dr Schipper replied that the request will be considered by the Executive.

  3. Treasurer's report

    The Interim Fiancial Statements for 2004-05 and the Proposed Fees and Budget for 2005-06 were distributed to the membership (Information Bulletin 2004/05:20).


  4. Report of the MUNFA AF&G Triennial Review Committee Evaluation Committee for the period of January 1, 2001 - December 31. 2003

    The membership received a copy of the above-referenced report. Dr Schipper noted that the Executive is considering the report and if changes are necessary, the Executive will make a recommendation to the membership at the Fall 2005 General Meeting.

  5. CAUT Defence Fund

    Ms Angela Lonardo, as CAUT Defence Fund Trustee, reported that the purpose of the Fund is to provide a unified strike fund to certified faculty associations. The membership of the Defence Fund currently includes 33 member associations and represents 14,000 academics. The current balance of the CAUT Defence Fund account is at $15m.

    In response to a question from a MUNFA member, Ms Lonardo said that there is no cap on the Defence Fund. The question has been addressed by the Defence Fund in the past six years or so, but rather than put a cap on the Fund, the strike pay to memberships has been increased.

  6. Approvalof General Meeting Minutes of October 25, 2004

    (G05:003) MOVED (Church/Snook) that the minutes of October 25, 2004 be accepted.


  7. Matters Arising from Minutes of October 25, 2004

    1. TAUMUN: Dr Schipper noted that the certification application by TAUMUN has been dropped but that a further certification drive will be undertaken. For more information on TAUMUN see

    2. Proposals Committee: Dr D. Steel (retired Academic Staff Member) asked if the Proposals Committee are looking for comments. Dr Schipper replied that a call for members' comments had been made and that the Proposals Committee is meeting weekly to consider Collective Agreement language. Dr Steel asked if MUNFA represents the survivors of MUNFA members. Dr Schipper reported that MUNFA represents active Academic Staff Members.

  8. Collective Agreement Administration

    1. Report of the St. John's AF&G Committee. The membership received a report for the period of October 2004 to March 2005 for the St. John's AF&G Committee.

    2. Report of the Joint Association/University Relations Committee: Under the Collective Agreement, MUNFA and the administration are required to meet every two months. A variety of matters are discussed at Joint. Some items currently on the agenda of the Joint Committee include health and safety issues (whether the university has an asbestos management plan), notice of early retirement, travel fund support, air quality, student complaint procedures, protocol for students with disabilities, Canada Research Chairs, parental leave, scholars at risk, teaching term appointees, letters of appointment, faculty access to CEQs on the web and a recent query in Medicine concerning an administrative position that was renamed.

    3. Report of the MUNFA representatives to the Sexual Harassment Board. The membership received a copy of this report for the period of October 2004 - March 2005.

  9. MUNFA Committee Reports

    1. Report of the MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee: This report was distributed.

    2. Employee Assistance Program: Professor Kjellrun Hestekin, MUNFA representative to the EAP) reported that the committee has been meeting bimonthly. Professor Hestekin noted that the university will solicit bids for a new provider for this service.

    There were no other committee reports.

  10. Other business

    There was no other business.

  11. Adjournment

    (G05:004) MOVED (J. Church/R. Klein) that the meeting adjourn.


Meeting adjourned: 8:30 p.m.

A wine/cheese reception followed the meeting.

Dr. W. Schipper
MUNFA President
October 26, 2005

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