April 17, 2002
7:30 p.m., HSC Main Auditorium

SWGC participated by teleconference.

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, William Schipper. The Chair noted that Information Bulletins 2001/02:29 and 30 were distributed to the membership prior to the General Meeting.

  1. Approval of Agenda

    (G02:001) MOVED (J. Bear/J. Church) that the agenda be accepted.


  2. Approval of Minutes of October 23, 2001

    (G02:002) MOVED (B. Schrank/N. Roy) that the General Meeting Minutes of October 23, 2001 be approved.


  3. Matters Arising from Minutes of October 23, 2001

    1. Cooperative Education Coordinators (CECs): The Chair reported that the matter of including the CECs in the MUNFA bargaining unit was back at the Labour Relations Board and that hearings were presently ongoing. Both parties will present their final summations on April 29-30, 2002.

    2. Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Labour (NLFL): The Chair reported that MUNFA's membership in NLFL is useful. MUNFA is informed of changes to legislation in a timely manner. A MUNFA representative, often the President, regularly attends NLFL meetings.

    3. Arbitrations and grievances: The grievances referenced in the October 2001 General Meeting minutes concerning a dismissal for cause were settled as well as the other cases which arose from that case.

  4. President's Report

    1. Executive Committee: Bill Schrank, John Bear, Noel Roy, Ian Jones, Karen Mearow, and Lili Wang are leaving the Executive Committee as of August 31, 2002. The Chair expressed appreciation to them for the many years of service they have devoted to the Association. New members on the Executive: Marge Hackett (Nursing), Jon Church (Medicine), John Smeda (Medicine), Peter Cornish (Counselling Centre), Leo White (Engineering), and Clar Matchim (Business).

    2. Association Grievances: The grievance (A-01-01) on course evaluations is being heard at arbitration in mid-September. MUNFA has also filed Association grievances on a number of other issues such as the policy in some departments that limits an ASMs option to choose the form of remuneration received for non-standard teaching and the failure of the University to pay the its share of pension contributions while we were on strike in 2000, despite a written undertaking to do so, to mention just two.

    3. Other issues: Agreement has been reached with the University on some issues that have resulted in modifying the Collective Agreement, and in one case (on parental leave) bringing it more closely into line with Human Rights legislation.

    4. Collective Agreement: The administration continues to be negligent in following the collective agreement in a number of ways, and particularly in "forgetting" about deadlines for promotion and tenure proceedings. Irregularities have been noticed in letters of appointment; and have had considerable correspondence and discussions with the Administration on the lack of consultation in the appointment of acting administrators. Some of these issues have been grieved.

    5. Negotiations: It was reported at the October meeting that MUNFA was negotiating with the Administration about procedures in case the Collective Agreement is reopened. During the 90 working days prior to August 31, either side can ask that the Collective Agreement be reopened. The 90 day period begins on April 30. In early February an Information Bulletin was circulated telling MUNFA members that MUNFA signed an agreement with the Administration in November limiting to a maximum of six the Articles that will be opened. These include work load (3), leaves (22), term appointments (23), equity (29), CECs (30) and salary (31).

    6. Student associations: In February the President took part in a student rally and a march on the provincial legislature, to publicize the serious problems our students face with mounting debt loads; the provincial government included debt reduction and tuition fee reductions in its budget.

    7. Sexual Harassment Procedures. In late November the new sexual harassment procedures were signed off, and the university president has recently announced that the position of sexual harassment officer has been made a permanent one.

  5. Treasurer's Report

    1. The Interim Financial Statement for 2001-02 and the Proposed Fees and Budget for 2002-03 were distributed with Information Bulletin 2001/02:30.

      (G02:003) MOVED (A. Redlack/J. Bear)

      THAT as of July 1, 2002, MUNFA members in the bargaining unit shall pay membership fees by payroll deduction at a rate of 10.0 mills (1%) of annual salary before any voluntary salary reductions for the purposes of using part of salary as a research grant. This shall include a $2 MUNFA Strike Fund Levy contribution to the MUNFA Strike Fund.

      THAT as of July 1, 2002, MUNFA members who are excluded from the bargaining unit because of their status as clinical faculty or as administrators, shall pay membership fees at the mill rate based on the median salary for their rank among all other members of the bargaining unit, minus CAUT Defence Fund dues.

      THAT as of July 1, 2002, MUNFA members who are Laboratory Instructors shall pay a membership fee of $130.00 per year.

      THAT as of July 1, 2002, MUNFA members who are excluded from the bargaining unit because of their status as part-time or sessional instructors, shall pay membership fees at the mill rate of 10.0 mills (1%), minutes CAUT Defence Fund dues. MOTION CARRIED

    2. CAUT Academic Freedom Fund: The membership received a memo of April 10, 2002 from the Executive that CAUT Council voted to create a CAUT Academic Freedom Fund to:
      1. advance and assist in attaining and protecting academic freedom,
      2. Support and render services to individuals and groups seeking to establish or protect their academic freedom,
      3. Promote public awareness and education with respect to the issues affecting academic freedom,
      4. Collect moneys by way of donations or otherwise, and to hold and expend the same in furtherance of the objectives of the Fund,
      5. do all such other things as are included in or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

    (G02:004) MOVED (A. Redlack/C. Matchim) that MUNFA contribute up to $10 per bargaining unit member to the CAUT Academic Freedom Fund in the coming year out of general revenues. MOTION CARRIED

  6. CAUT Defence Fund

    W. E. Schrank reported that he and A. Lonardo are the CAUT delegates. Dr. Schrank reported on the recent strike at Dalhousie University which lasted four weeks. The CAUT Defence Fund offered the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) a line of credit of $1m which was not drawn down. DFA strike pay totaled $814,000. The Defence Fund still has $12.5m.

  7. Pension Report

    The Pension Plan Feasibility Study (April 3, 2002) with a notice of motion for a MUNFA pension Plan was distributed to the MUNFA membership in Information Bulletin 2001/02:29.

    Dr. J. C. Bear, on behalf of the MUNFA Executive spoke to the Pensions Report and responded to questions from the membership.

    (G02:005) MOVED (J. Bear/R.J. Clark) that the MUNFA Executive is directed to take appropriate action:

    (G02:006) MOVED (J. Lewis/R. Adamec) that Main Motion G02:005 be amended: "for the provision of indexing of pension benefits, as a feature of that plan" be replaced with the words, "for the provision of indexing of pension benefits to the CPI as a feature of that plan".

    VOTE on Amendment

    In Favour: 18
    Against: 35

    (G02:007) MOVED (J. Lewis/R. Adamec) that Main Motion G02:005 be amended: "to establish a MUNFA defined benefit pension plan, jointly and equally controlled by the Association and the University, with current retirees given the option to join the new plan" be replaced with the words, "to establish a MUNFA defined benefit pension plan, jointly administered by the University and Association members active and retired, and by the beneficiaries of deceased members. Current retirees shall be given the option to join the new plan"

    VOTE on Amendment


    VOTE on Main Motion G02:005

  8. Triennial Review of AF&G Committee
    1. The report of the MUNFA Triennial Academic Freedom and Grievance Committee for the period of January 1, 1998 - December 31, 2000 was circulated to the membership.

    2. The membership received a memo of April 2, 2002 from the MUNFA Executive giving notice of two motions.

    (G02:008) MOVED (T. Hannah/J. Hiller) that the Terms of Reference of the AF&G Committee be amended as follows:

      Section C, Part (ii) read as "The Committee may investigate questions of academic freedom on its own initiative, or on referral from the Executive, or at the request of MUNFA members. The Committee may co-opt additional members with the approval of the Executive in order to conduct such investigations."

    (G02:009) MOVED (T. Hannah/P. Rice) that the Terms of Reference of the AF&G Committee be amended as follows: Section C, add (iii) "Any such investigation under (ii) should be copied to the Association.

  9. Collective Agreement Administration

    1. AF&G Committee: Dr. T. Hannah, Chair of the St. John's AF&G Committee reported on the Committee's behalf and first thanked the committee members and the MUNFA staff for their assistance.

      The AF&G prepared a pamphlet on the role of the AF&G Committee and will meet with new members when they are appointed.

      AF&G presents its written report at the annual October General Meeting. Since October 2001 the AF&G Committee has dealt with 61 enquiries relating to a variety of issues. Out of that 61 nine individual grievances arose. Of the 9, the issues concerned special assignment of duties, teaching assignments, dispersal of grant funds, cross appointment, travel funds, sabbatical, and the PDER.

      The AF&G Committee also assisted the MUNFA Executive with six association grievances.

      Since October 2001 the AF&G has resolved and/or closed 12 grievances. The AF&G assisted the Executive with eight arbitrations. Of the eight, four were settled, one is not scheduled pending a negotiated settlement, one is scheduled for late April and two are scheduled for the fall.

    2. Joint Association/University Relations Committee: The Chair reported that MUNFA has had two Joint meetings with the administration since October 2001.

  10. MUNFA Committee Reports

    1. Economic Benefits Committee: The report of the MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee was distributed to the membership with Information Bulletin 2001/02:30. Dr. Jean Snook (Chair) was available at the General Meeting to answer questions.

    2. Other Committees
      1. Employee Assistance Program: Professor Kjellrun Hestekin (MUNFA representative to the EAP) reported that early in year 2002 the EAP Committee asked for tenders for renewal of the contract. Eight proposals were short listed and a recommendation sent to the administration. The administration are looking at some numbers and will meet with the recommended supplier. Professor Hestekin said that the EAP Committee expect a recommendation to be made to the Board of Regents this month.
  11. Other Business

    (G02:010) MOVED (J. Bear/N. Roy) that the meeting adjourn.


    Dr. W. Schipper
    MUNFA President
    October 29, 2002

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