APRIL 17, 2001
8:00 p.m.
HSC Main Auditorium

The meeting was chaired by Dr. N. Roy (MUNFA President). SWGC participated by teleconference.

The meeting was called to order.

  1. Approval of Agenda

    (G01:005) MOVED (Bear/Hannah) that the agenda be accepted.

  2. Approval of Minutes

    A) Minutes of April 20,2000

    (G0l:006) MOVED (B. Schrank/W. Schipper) that the minutes of April 20, 2000 be approved.


    B) Minutes of October 31, 2000

    (G01:007) MOVED (W. Schipper/N. Rosenberg) that the minutes October 31, 2000 be approved.


    C) Minutes of Special General Meeting of March 8, 2001

    (G01:008) MOVED (J. Bear/J. Church) that the minutes of March 8, 2001 be approved.

  3. Matters Arising from Minutes

    A) Special General Meeting of March 8, 2001

    1. Sign-up campaign for per course instructors: In accordance with G01:002 a sign-up campaign for per course instructors is being pursued. An application to the Labour Relations Board has not yet been made.

    B) General Meeting of October 31, 2000: There were no matters arising or to be reported that have not been reported elsewhere.

    C) General Meeting of April 20, 2000:

    1. Student Complaints Policy: MUNFA and the administration continue to exchange drafts. MUNFA has received a revised draft from the Administration, incorporating many of MUNFA's earlier suggestions. MUNFA has responded with its own draft. The differences are mainly minor, but there are about half a dozen significant issues still separating us.

    2. Report on arbitrations: An Association grievance on the salary step that members returning from LTD leave would receive had been referred to arbitration. Before the arbitration was to begin, the administration agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding that had been earlier proposed by MUNFA. Consequently, this grievance was resolved to MUNFA's full satisfaction. Hereafter, ASMs returning from LTD leave enter the salary scale at the same step that they would have had they not been on leave.

  4. President's Report

    Dr. Roy, on behalf of the MUNFA Executive, presented the President's report as a report by the MUNFA Executive.

    Dr. Roy welcomed Ian Jones (Biology) as a newly elected member at large of the MUNFA Executive.

    Dr. Roy thanked Ray Clark (Classics), Secretary of the Association, and Roger Lee, Member at Large, who will be leaving the Executive. Drs. Lee and Clark were thanked for their efforts to the Association over a particularly trying year.

    This past year's activities were dominated by the negotiations, and the strike, that have led to the new Collective Agreement. This Agreement took over a year to negotiate. It will be up for renegotiation as early as April of next year. The Executive expects to strike a Proposals Committee early in the next Academic Year, to receive recommendations from the membership and to strike a set of proposals for presentation to the administration at the end of next year. Dr. Roy expressed the hope that the Administration will cooperate in agreeing to limit the Articles that are subject to negotiation in the next round, since all articles in the current Collective Agreement have been subject to extensive negotiation in the past year

    Dr. Roy stated that from the Association's perspective, the last round of negotiations have left some unfinished business:

    The MUNFA Executive is currently making preparations to deal with this unfinished business; for example,

    Grievances and arbitrations

    There was only one arbitration held in the past year. That was on a grievance of a letter of reprimand placed in a personal file. While the arbitrator's report has not yet been received, it is understood that the grievance was lost on grounds of timeliness, because the grievor did not grieve the letter within the 25 day period required. Therefore, the letter will remain in the personal file without the substance of the grievance being arbitrated. This incident underlines the importance of potential grievors proceeding in a timely manner if they believe their rights are being denied.

    There are five arbitrations currently scheduled, although active negotiations are proceeding on some of them, and some of these may be resolved without a hearing. Two of these arbitrations deal with disciplinary matters, two deal with teaching assignments, and one deals with the non-renewal of a contract.

    Two Association grievances have been filed. One relates to the imposition of mandatory course evaluations by the Administration, and has been the subject of a recent Information Bulletin. A grievance resolution meeting with the Administration has been scheduled. The second relates to the University's refusal to comply with orders issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Division of the provincial government with respect to the workplace of an ASM. The University is now in the process of complying with these orders.

    Other Matters

    Coordinators: In July of last year, the Labour Relations Board accepted an application by MUNFA to act as the bargaining agent for the Co-operative Education Coordinators at MUN. Regrettably, the Administration has seen fit to challenge this decision in court. A hearing is scheduled for next month. In the meantime, working conditions for the co-ordinators have been frozen at their pre-certification levels.

    Pensions: As part of the negotiations for the new Collective Agreement, the Administration agreed to provide MUNFA with access to the Pension Plan actuary for the purpose of receiving information which could be provided to MUNFA's actuaries in order that the latter could provide advice regarding the setting up of a separate plan for ASMs. The MUNFA Executive is currently considering the instructions to be given to the Plan's actuary for this purpose, and the choice of an MUNFA actuary to use that information.

    Canada Research Chairs: The MUNFA Executive has had extensive discussions with the Administration as to the procedures to be followed in selecting the Canada Research Chairs, a program newly established and funded by the federal government. We have reached agreement that the appointment procedures contained in Article 7 of the Collective Agreement shall apply to these appointments. That is to say

    We also agreed that the University's Strategic Research Plan, which governs the selection of areas in which application for Chairs is made, should be subject to future revision, and that any such revision should be subject to ratification by the Academic Units involved.

    Acting Administrators: Several departures by academic administrators have required the selection of Acting Administrators to perform these duties while a search is under way for a successor. MUNFA has been receiving some considerable complaints about the lack of consultation that has been taking place with regard to the filling of these acting positions. This has been the subject of discussions with the President.

  5. Treasurer's Report

    A) The interim financial statements for 2000-2001 and proposed fees and budget for 2001-2002 were distributed to the membership. The Treasurer reviewed the statements for the membership. Dr. Roy reported that the motions were approved and seconded by the Executive.

    (G01:009) MOVED (Redlack/ )that as of July 1, 2001, MUNFA members in the bargaining unit shall pay membership fees by payroll deduction at a rate of 10.0 mills (1%) of annual salary before any voluntary reductions for the purposes of using part of salary as a research grant. This shall include a $2 MUNFA Strike Fund Levy contribution to the MUNFA Strike Fund.

    (G01:010) MOVED (Redlack/) that as of July 1, 2001, MUNFA members who are excluded from the bargaining unit because of their status as clinical faculty or as administrators, shall pay membership fees at the mill rate based on the median salary for their rank among all other members of the bargaining unit, minus CAUT Defence Fund dues.

    (G01:011) MOVED (Redlack/) that as of July 1, 2001, MUNFA members who are Laboratory Instructors shall pay a membership fee of $130.00 per year.

    (G01:012) MOVED (Redlack/) that as of July 1, 2001, MUNFA members who are excluded from the bargaining unit because of their status as part-time or sessional instructors, shall pay membership fees at the mill rate of 10.0 mills (1%), minus CAUT Defence Fund dues.

    VOTE ON G01:009, 010, 011 and 012

  6. Motions to Amend Constitution

    A) Article IV, Clause 1(b): The membership received a memo of March 28, 2001 regarding an amendment to Clause IV, Clause 1(b) of the MUNFA Constitution.

    (G01:013) MOVED (J. Duffy/R. Richards) that Article IV, Clause 1(b) of the MUNFA Constitution be amended to read "(b) Any Dean, University Librarian, or the Vice-Principal."

    Before putting the motion , the Chair noted that a constitutional amendment required the approval of two-thirds majority of those present and voting.


    B) Article VIII, Point 1: The membership received notice of a motion to amend Article VIII of the Constitution.

    (G01:014) MOVED (C. Sharpe/C. Gallagher) that Article VIII, Point 1 of the MUNFA Constitution be revised to read "The Association shall hold a regular general meeting in October and April of each year, and special general meetings at such other times as the Executive Committee may determine. The Secretary, or in the Secretary's absence a deputy designated by the Executive, shall arrange a special general meeting of the Association at the call of twenty-five (25) of the members. The time and nature of the special meeting must be specified in the written request of the 25 members. Such a special meeting will normally be held within 7 days of the receipt by the Secretary, of the request, and must be held within 14 days of the receipt."

    (G01:015) MOVED (D. Pike/R. Adamec) that "time and" be deleted from the proposed amendment to Point 1, Article VIII of the Constitution.





  7. MUNFA membership in Labour Organizations

    The membership received a memo of April 2, 2001 (ref. Information Bulletin 2000/01:36) from the MUNFA Executive regarding MUNFA membership in NUCAUT (National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers) and the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour.

    (G01:016) MOVED (W. Schrank/J. Bear) that the meeting authorize the MUNFA Executive to apply for membership in NUCAUT and the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour.


  8. Collective Agreement Administration

    A) Report of AF&G Committee: Dr. B. Schrank (Chair) reported that the absolute number of grievances are less than they were four years ago. Since the written report, 12 new grievances have been filed; three of these involve discipline. Eight grievances have been settled and five referred to arbitration.

    B) Report of the Joint/Association University Relations Committee: Roy reported that the Joint Committee has not met since the last General Meeting.

  9. MUNFA Committee Reports

    A) Report of MUNFA Economic Benefits Committee. This report was distributed to the membership (ref. Information Bulletin 2000/01:37).

    B) Report of Occupational Health & Safety Committee: The October 2000 report was circulated (ref. Information Bulletin 2000/01:36). Dr. Roy noted that Dr. Ralph Pastore (History) had resigned as Chair of the MUNFA Committee due to illness. The document refers to a report by Jacques-Whitford and Pinchin-Leblanc to carry out an environmental audit of the main campus. MUNFA has not been informed of the results of such a report; Dr. Roy stated that the Executive will follow this up.

    C) Employee Assistance Plan Advisory Committee: The October 2000 report by the MUNFA representative to this committee was circulated.

    D) Sexual Harassment Advisory Board: The membership received reports of October 2000 and April 2001 from the MUNFA representatives to the Sexual Harassment Advisory Board.

    E) MUNFA Scholarship Trust Fund Endowment Committee: The report of this committee was circulated to the membership.

  10. Other Business

    1. At Dr. J. Bear's suggestion, the meeting expressed its thanks to Dr. Roy for his service over the last three years as President of MUNFA.

    2. Ms. K. Lippold referenced the recent NAPE settlement which included indexed pensions; Dr. Roy replied that the MUNFA Executive was following these developments with keen interest, but had not yet received information about the details of the settlement.

  11. Adjournment

    (G01:017) MOVED (C. Dennis/J. Church) that the meeting adjourn.


Dr. Noel Roy
MUNFA President
Approved by Membership October 23, 2001.

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