MUNFA IB 2006/07:38

TO:		All MUNFA Members

FROM:		The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE:		July 4, 2007


The federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has asked us to draw to your attention the notice below. Of particular importance is the fact that you should check the expiry date of the current card, and be aware of the difficulties that could result if your card expires while you are abroad. For further information contact the department of Citizenship and Immigration at the following URL:

Article provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada


In July 2007, permanent resident cards (PR cards), a vital document for Canadian permanent residents who are travelling back to Canada, will begin expiring. The Government of Canada is advising Canadian permanent residents to check the expiry date on their card to make sure they aren't left in the lurch during the busy summer travel season.

The PR cards confirms the holder's permanent resident status in Canada. Permanent residents who travel outside Canada must show the card before boarding commercial transportation (plane, train, boat or bus) when returning to Canada.

Without a valid PR card, permanent residents will to be allowed to board, and will be referred to the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate to obtain a permanent resident travel document. This will result in delays and could mean significant additional travel costs.

Permanent residents can obtain a new PR card by completing the application forms available online at: or by calling 1-888-242-2100 (toll-free). Applications are currently being processed within 6-8 weeks of receipt at the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The PR card was introduced for new immigrants to Canada on June 28, 2002, with implementation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The cards are valid for a five-year period, but in exceptional circumstances, some expire after one year. Permanent residents who have obtained Canadian citizenship no longer need a PR card.

May 2007

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